Factions Friday and FM Signups

League Faceoff-Factions

Factions Friday (14 July, 27 CLE)

Summoners of all experience levels are invited to join in for the last Factions Friday event of the Insurrection arc.

If you’re new, here’s a quick guide:

  • Select a faction. In this storyline, Noxus and Zaun are clashing over control of the northern Shuriman city of Qa’hhar.
  • Join the Discord server. The #match-creation channel is a good place to go if you’re looking for a match.
  • Sign into the League client and wait for an invite to a custom game.

Shurima Featured Matches

In Lore Event II: The Festival of Might, a complex interplay of sociopolitical factors resulted in everything went wrong and Azir showed up with an emergency League authorization. He shouted SHURIMA, slew Rek’Sai (sending her back through the dimensional rifts into League captivity), and declared that he was here to “help”. An outpouring of popular support gave Azir the leverage he needed to challenge both Noxus and Zaun on the Fields.

On Saturday, 15 July, 27 CLE, Shurima and Zaun will fight a set of three Featured Matches. Imperial Shurima demands greater control over the use within Shurima of pyrikhos and other hextech that employs (in Azir’s words, “perverts”) ancient Shuriman magic. This will influence the general development of post-revolution Shurima, at least for the near term.

On Sunday, 16 July, 27 CLE, Shurima will battle Noxus in a second set of three Featured Matches. When Shurima won its independence in 25 CLE, it gained control over the three major cities in the region: the capital, the republic of Dar’Khos, and the modern hextech boomtown of Bel’Zhun. However, Noxus won dominion over most of the rest of the Shurima desert. It has used its ability to police important trade routes (or to strategically look the other way when bandits attack imperial caravans) as political leverage against the imperial court. Azir demands authorization to deploy military forces to hunt down bandits and otherwise secure these corridors of commerce. If successful, Noxus will have significantly less political sway over Azir.

  • Sign up here. You don’t have to sign up in advance, but it helps us plan.

Matches will be streamed at twitch.tv/LeagueFactions.



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