Arc XI Second Faction Selection Vote Posted


Factions tradition gives Zaun, as the victor of Insurrection, the right to select a faction for the next arc. I have posted a poll link to a private Zaun forum thread. The voting will close no earlier than 11:59 PM on Sunday, August 6. The results of this poll will determine which faction will face the Freljord in Arc XI.

What’s New with the Freljord?

The Freljord has actually been involved quite a bit lately. After playing a crucial role in the restoration of Nyroth, they went on to establish themselves as a world power during the events of Divinity:

In the small hours of the night, as the wise and powerful of Valoran stood on the Launch Pad amid the waves, Lissandra spoke words of benediction to Ashe and Sejuani, then departed with her Frostguard attendants. Silent tension settled in between the war-leader of the Winter’s Claw and the crowned Queen of the Freljord. Each thought to leave without another word, but together they sensed that something had to be said. Once again, the League had brought the tribes closer together, and with this dispute, the Freljord had taken another step toward recognition as a great power, not merely a colonial prize to be divided up but an active force for change in Valoran and Nyroth.

Ashe raised her glass. “To Ylsa’s memory.”

Together, they drank to that.
(Divinity resolution)

Then, of course, they weathered the Black Winter.

Speaking of past arc history, I’m working on a narrative summary of Faction arcs to date, which I think will be helpful in planning Arc XI. And to answer a very reasonable and common question, I plan to get arc XI launched in a week or two. We’ll be using most of the mechanics from Insurrection, after one or two community meetings to decide how to modify those procedures.


Caitlyn, you monster.

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