Kin-Fire Week 1 Featured Matches (Oct 14-15)

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The first round of Featured Matches for the Kin-Fire arc will be held this weekend, October 14 through October 15, starting at 12:30 PM Pacific (1:30 Mountain, 2:30 Central, 3:30 Eastern) on each day.

Something new I’m trying with Kin-Fire is to mix arc FMs with Melee FMs, to add some variety to the arc. We’ll be starting off with Melee FMs.

League All Champions

I’m trying something new this arc: mixing some Melee FMs in with the arc FMs. This first weekend will be a Melee weekend. I’ve taken all the non-arc factions and randomly paired them up.

These matches will be scored per the usual BoP formula, without faction-standing adjustments. The total point shift will determine the outcome, with totals below 10 indicating some kind of compromise result, and totals above 10 indicating an especially striking victory or defeat.

Saturday, 14 October, 27 CLE

  • Match One: Zaun v. Piltover
    • Vivatronic Hextech. Piltover’s Clan Ferros seeks to acquire the vivatronic hextech developed by Dr. Gerald Lumos to battle the undead. Kalner Industries, the Zaunite megacorp that initially funded Dr. Lumos but failed a subsequent hostile takeover attempt, now brings suit to compel Dr. Lumos to license (for “reasonable compensation”) the use of his hextech innovations as necessary to combat a general threat to Runeterra: the Harrowing. This would drastically reduce its value to Clan Ferros, and probably nix the acquisition. Piltover’s bewigged barristers and Zaun’s sharp-suited lawyers have each made their case. The matter comes now to the Fields of Justice.
  • Match Two: Bilgewater v. Demacia
    • Rescued Ship. The Demacian naval vessel Swift Obedience began to sink shortly after departing Nyroth’s principal port of Stormhaven. (The precise cause is yet unclear, but those on board claim to have felt the presence of the Harrowing very strongly.) The ship and her crew were rescued by Marai, and the Swift Obedience made it back to port without the loss of any on board. The Marai then petitioned Demacia for compensation: not only gold, but also some of the artifacts on board, arguing that they could have just let the ship sink and then claimed the salvage. Demacia, wary of releasing magical artifacts to a nation like Bilgewater, as well as chronically short on currency, has opposed these charges as excessive.
  • Match  Three: Ionia v. Shurima
    • Dead Summoner. Ionia has brought suit against Shurima regarding the death of Sosen Tanuma, a Summoner (“xSoupCat111x”) who was traveling through the capital city when he was killed in what Shurima has concluded was a random mugging gone wrong. (The three muggers were all killed when they resisted arrest.) Ionia doubts Shurima’s story, and demands a League inquiry. Shurima opposes this motion, but adds that should an inquiry be conducted, it ought also examine what this Summoner—a frequent associate of Akali and other members of the Kinkou—was doing in the capital city of the Shuriman Empire.

Sunday, 15 October, 27 CLE

  • Match One: Icathia v. Noxus
    • Icathian Witchcraft. The Noxian High Command has rounded up several mages it accuses of practicing forbidden Icathian witchcraft, and sentenced them to the arena. (Noxus is a fairly open-minded place, but it does not look kindly on those who summon spooky creatures in the Harrowing season, especially when those creatures are of the tentacled variety.) Icathia has intervened on the mages’ behalf.
  • Match Two: Bandle City v. Piltover
    • Hexcast Relays. Piltover has begun setting up a hexcast relay network that will increase the data throughput of its communications systems. Bandle City objects that these relays generate signal-noise which interferes with their attempts to communicate with the Mothership as it voyages through the stars.
  • Match Three: Bilgewater v. Shurima
    • Ancient Artifact. Not long ago, the League formally decommissioned The Crystal Scar, as it had fulfilled its purpose by purging arcane fallout from the Kalamanda Incident. However, research into this area continues. A League excavation recently uncovered an ancient artifact in the form of a sealed chest. Member-states of the League squabbling over artifacts is nothing new. What is a bit unusual about this artifact is that it seems to declare its intended recipient. The inscription, loosely translated from an old Shuriman dialect, reads, “To those who stood apart from the Rune Wars”. Bilgewater stepped in at this point, noting that this description applies not only to Shurima, which used elemental fortifications to hold the Magelords and Protectorate at bay, but also to Bilgewater, which was insulated from the Rune Wars by the natural buffer of the oceans. Why respect what the artifact itself says? The answer is approximately one part obscure testamentary jurisprudence and approximately five parts “when dealing with Rune Wars-era artifacts, try not to make them angry.”

These will be run pickup-style. I’m a bit busy this weekend, but I’ll try my best to stream them at

The schedule above is only a suggested schedule. I know people are still filtering back, and it may not be possible to run all of these matches this weekend. If a match doesn’t happen this weekend, I’ll treat the next Melee match fitting those parameters (e.g. the next Bilgewater v. Demacia) as the FM for scoring/story purposes.


We will be using Melee rosters for these matches, with no bans.



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