Hextech Revolution

Hextech Revolution was the fifth Factions storyline, launched on March 31, 2014. It was preceded by Shon-Xan.

The Void’s corruption has spread from Icathia to the ancient sands of the Shurima Desert, mingling with the mysterious enchantments that still haunt the ruins of that once-great civilization. Where these forces have met, explorers have discovered seams of dark purple sand. Abundant and charged with alien energies from beyond our dimension, this “dark sand” (pyrikhos in Shuriman) could fuel a techmaturgical revolution and transform all of Valoran. Piltover, Bandle City, Zaun, and Demacia each seek control over this powerful but dangerous new resource. The Council decrees that this dispute shall be resolved by the final adjudicator among nations: the League of Legends!

This storyline ended on July 13. Zaun was ultimately victorious. Further lore updates are coming soon™.

Click here for an overview of previous storylines.

Banner by Sgt Porkchop.

Banner by Sgt Porkchop.

Balance of Power
The “scoreboard” for this arc. Match results determine the balance of power, which shapes the course of the story.

Research System
We’ve introduced a research system through which factions can decide which projects to pursue.


The spread of the Void’s contamination since the opening of the Icathian rift.

Storyline Updates

Opener — Hextech Revolution
This sets the stage, introduces the factions, and explains what they’re each fighting for.

Prelude — Breakthrough!
Merricurry researches the pyrikhos. Meanwhile, in Zaun …

Update 1 — Trouble, Right Here In Bandle City!
Merricurry considers her options.

Interactive Lore Event I
Summoners from each faction decide on a new Champion for their rosters, and make some other important decisions.

Update 2 — Opening Moves
Zaun bombs Piltover, pushing it and Bandle City closer together. Curious yordles break into ancient pyramid, and absolutely no merry sing-a-longs follow. Zac founds a Mutant Academy in Zaun.

Update 3 — Chaos
The Void invades Zaun when their research into Pharmakon II goes horribly wrong.

Update 4 — The Endless Dead (also: Interactive Lore Event II, Part One)
An undead army rises in Shurima, staggering forth to attack Bandle City!
This update launches the second interactive lore event of this arc.

Interactive Lore Event II (Part Two)
Nefara’s undead horde marches on Bandle City! Other factions must decide how to respond.

Update 5 — Get Jinxed
How Jinx finally joined Zaun.

Interactive Lore Event III
Piltover selects a new Champion after winning a round of Featured Matches.

Interactive Lore Event IV
Bandle City and Zaun have some decisions to make in the midst of the undead invasion.

Update 6 — A Desperate Alliance
Nefara’s undead legions attack Bandle City. The other factions band together to mount a defense.

Interactive Lore Event V — The Beginning of the End
The battle for control of the dark sand reaches an apex. Piltover and Bandle City consider an alliance, while Demacia must decide whether to respect League law and risk catastrophe or invade Zaun’s Shuriman mines and put a stop to their reckless actions.

The Summoner’s Herald Vol. I, Issue 1
The inaugural edition of the Summoner’s Herald covers the undead attack on Bandle City and the great tournament for Field 14.

Update 7 — A Scientist’s Decision
Merricurry comes to Zaun, and finds it a more frightening place than she anticipated.

Update 8 — Shield of Light
Demacia marches into Shurima at Ceruleana’s command to prevent a Void apocalypse, while Swain fights to put down Noxian rebels and regain control.

Update 9 — The HexKorps
Demacia attacks Zaun’s mines in Shurima, beginning the largest battle Valoran has seen since the Rune Wars.

The Summoner’s Herald Vol. I, Issue 2
An edition of the Herald covering the end of the League dispute and the battle in Shurima.

Update 10 — The Terror of the Void
Demacia, Zaun, and their allies join in a desperate bid to close a Void rift that threatens to destroy Runeterra.

Update 11 — Against Apocalypse
Viktor and Merricurry fight their way into the mines to close the Void rift.

Update 12 — Secrets of Shurima
The battle against the Void awakens ancient forces from a bygone age.

Zaun is victorious. A faction-by-faction overview of the aftermath.

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