Part X—Insurrection

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An insurrection in Qa’hhar, a city at the center of Noxian and Zaunite ambitions in Shurima, has led these two allies to the League of Legends. Noxus is determined to build up its legions for the next clash with Demacia, and establish Qa’hhar as a recruiting ground and strategic base of operations in the Shuriman theater. As for Zaun, its primary interest is in a market for its goods, and a residential center for its workers, outside of Azir’s control and beyond the reach of his tax collectors, though the ancient mysteries of Qa’hhar also intrigue its scientists. There is certainly room for compromise—but neither Noxus nor Zaun is famed for its fondness for sharing.

Part X: Insurrection began on 1 May 27 CLE. (The previous arc was Black Winter.) This dispute is scheduled to conclude in July. The victor shall be determined on the Fields of Justice, and both Noxus and Zaun seek Summoners for their cause. To join in, sign up here and choose a side.

Balance of Power

The outcomes of Factions matches are summarized in the Balance of Power. The Balance of Power influences the dice rolls and lore events that shape the developing story, and the faction at the top of the BoP at the end of the arc will be the ultimate victor of this dispute.


Weeks begin on the indicated Mondays.


Noxus and Zaun joined forces to build Qa’hhar up from a small settlement into a bustling city, primarily by constructing an aqueduct down through the Mogron Pass. The new city soon attracted immigrants from other parts of Shurima, as well as from other nations of Valoran and even from Nyroth. While tensions did develop between Noxus and Zaun over such issues as pollution from Zaunite refineries and Noxian taxation of trade, it seemed as though the two great powers would resolve these differences diplomatically. That all changed when the people of Qa’hhar rose up in revolt. After driving the Noxian garrison, depleted by the Black Winter, out of the city, rebels charged across the border and briefly seized a Zaunite refinery. The Zaunite HexKorps retook the facility, and pursued the rebels back into Qa’hhar, where they were attacked by rallying Noxian troops.

The Dark Sand (24 CLE)

Void Runes

See: Hextech Revolution

The Void War ended at the mighty gates of Noxus, where Noxian legions stood with the other great nations of Valoran to strike down the unholy alliance of Icathia and the Shadow Isles that called itself Discord. Though the armies of Discord perished, the chaotic Void energies unleashed by the Icathian rift persisted, poisoning the land. This contamination spread west into Shurima, where it mingled with the ancient remnants of Shuriman enchantments that lay beneath the floating pyramids. Shurimans soon discovered veins of what they called “pyrikhos” (lit. “dark sand”). The yordle scientist Merricurry astonished the world with a breakthrough theory that unified the mechanics of Void energy with the principles of ancient Shuriman magic, using modern techmaturgy to solve a puzzle seemingly beyond traditional arcane science. Merricurry’s theory allowed the use of pyrikhos as a universal hextech power source, enabling the mass production of hextech devices, and heralding the Hextech Revolution.

Shuriman Independence (25 CLE)

Shurima Sun Disc Risen

See: Lines in the Sand

Shurima has risen from ruin under the divine leadership of the resurrected Emperor Azir, and now stands sovereign among the mightiest nations of Valoran as a member-state of the League of Legends. It won its independence in war against Noxus and Piltover, in a battle fought on the Fields of Justice and in the sands of the Shurima Desert. When the dust had cleared, Azir held dominion over the three great Shuriman cities: his capital, the ancient civic republic of Dar’Khos, and the pyrikhos boomtown of Bel’Zhun. But his alliance of fanatics and fractured demigods had begun to break apart by the end of the conflict, and Noxian legions under the command of Cassiopeia DuCouteau secured control over most of Shurima outside these large cities.

The Rise of Qa’hhar (26 CLE)

2017-05-28 - Shurima map updated - Shroom

Qa’hhar is a city in northern Shurima, situated just south of the Mogron Pass. When it came under Noxian rule in 25 CLE, it had a population of only about a thousand people. Its population boomed to ten times that figure starting in March of 26 CLE, when Noxus and Zaun completed the construction of an aqueduct into the city from the mountains to the north. Most of these new inhabitants are Shuriman, but many come from other parts of Valoran, and some even from distant Nyroth. The construction of this aqueduct was part of a joint effort to develop Qa’hhar into the first major Shuriman city not under Azir’s control. Noxus sought a strategic foothold and a source of new legions, while Zaun was primarily looking for a new market for its goods and housing for its workers—both beyond the reach of Azir’s laws and, crucially, outside the jurisdiction of his tax collectors.

Insurrection (27 CLE)

On 1 May, 27 CLE, Qa’hhar rose up in a violent insurrection against hated Noxian governor Sorinius Felk, ejecting him and his troops from the city. The rebels soon launched an attack on a nearby Zaunite pyrikhos refinery, provoking a counter-invasion by a HexKorps tank unit. The League dispute began after a brief but tremendously destructive clash between the HexKorps and Felk’s rallied troops.

Over the past three weeks, the Qa’hharian Provisional Government established by the League has managed to clean up the rubble from the clash between Noxus and Zaun that started all this, and the city’s normal routines are beginning to resurface. Some Qa’hharians have enlisted in the Noxian legions, while others work in Zaun’s mines. Noxian troops are patrolling the city streets, albeit with League observers from various member-states (even Demacia and Ionia) tagging along. However, the deep tensions that provoked the revolt remain.

Noxus has used its control over the desert between Qa’hhar and the Zaunite pyrikhos fields to establish a commercial blockade. Zaun continues to run its refineries at full load, spewing pollution across the desert into the city. Local Qa’hharian leaders are fractured into quarreling camps. Every street corner, it seems, is occupied by at least one speaker. Depending on the corner and the day, you might hear rhetoric for or against Noxus or Zaun, or a plea to the merciful Emperor Azir to deliver his people from foreign bondage, or a call to join the Glorious Evolution and forge a new future, or, on at least some corners, a sales pitch for some hot meat pies. (Qa’hhar is home to a few meat pie sellers who are fully capable of displacing even the most hotheaded revolutionaries at lunch hour.) And, as usual, the League is trying to hold this chaotic situation together, in this case in the form of a provisional government.


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