Factions: Melee Begins

League All Champions

After a great deal of community discussion, we have completed the rules and rosters for the new Melee mode. Melee is designed to run in parallel with arcs. All factions are always playable in Melee matches, which will be scored on an all-factions Balance of Power scoreboard. There are no Summoner declarations in Melee: you can play for any faction at any time. In-universe, Melee represents the many matches that are not associated with any major, ongoing dispute, but are significant enough that Champions take sides.

With this post, the Melee begins! See you on the Fields, Summoners. May peace prevail.

First Match

The first match is complete!

Thanks to all who participated in that frenzied battle between maniacal fluffballs and undead horrors.


Caitlyn, you monster.

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