Arc XI First Faction Selection Vote Posted


The final matches of the Qa’hhar dispute have been fought, and the Council has gone into closed session with representatives of Noxus and Zaun to draft the edict which will conclusively resolve the dispute. It is generally believed that Zaun has been victorious, though that has yet to be officially announced.

Even now, rumors are spreading as to what might come next. Demacia’s Black Winter crusade, followed by the clash in Qa’hhar between Noxus and Zaun (with a startling intervention by Imperial Shurima), has packed the international arena with new stakes and new grounds for conflict. Virtually every member-state of the League has an agenda to pursue, and an axe to grind with one or more of its “partners in peace”. These factions are now gathering support among their Summoners and Champions, readying themselves to fight their way to the fore of the next dispute.

Perhaps, Summoner, you have your own views as to whose claim should next be heard before the League of Legends, guardian of Runeterra’s peace and final arbiter among nations.

The public vote to select the first faction to be featured in Arc XI is posted. The vote to select the first faction is open to the entire League community. It will be followed by a second vote among Summoners from Insurrection’s winning faction, which will determine the second featured faction for Arc XI.

I want to be ready to launch the new arc quickly, i.e. within a few weeks, which is why I’ve decided to get this posted immediately after the conclusion of Insurrection matches.

The first vote will close on Sunday, July 23.

League All Champions

On a related note, I hope to have Factions: Melee up and running by the end of this weekend. Melee is designed to run continuously in parallel with arcs, with all factions playable and matches scored on an ongoing all-factions Balance of Power. This is meant to reflect the many matches fought on the Fields of Justice that are not tied to a major dispute, such as arcs center upon. The main objective here is to add some variety to Factions gameplay and ensure that all factions are playable at all times. This allows us to run 1v1 arcs that are easier to administer and create more intensely focused storylines without boring people by limiting Factions to a single matchup. If people end up liking Melee, we can even start tying this all-factions BoP into arcs, e.g. inserting the occasional Herald article based on these matches.


Caitlyn, you monster.

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