Factions Friday (Nov. 3)

Factions Friday for Week 4 of the Kin-Fire arc begins at 5:00 PM Pacific (8:00 PM Eastern) today. It’s intended as a designated “pickup day” to complement the Featured Matches held on the weekend, and is particularly oriented toward new people.

What’s Factions?

Factions is a community-created game mode that connects lore and gameplay. We select a pair of factions to slug it out on the Fields of Justice, come up with a story reason for them to do so, and then play matches using faction-specific Champion lists. Match results are submitted online and scored. (We apply a skill-adjust formula to compensate for differences in the skill levels of the two teams.) This “Balance of Power” scoreboard represents how the two factions are faring in the storyline, and is referred to when we write the story and its resolution.

chart (7)

The Balance of Power going into Kin-Fire Week 4’s Factions Friday event.

We divide Factions up into “arcs”, each lasting (in the current format) about 5 weeks. We’re currently on our eleventh, titled Kin-Fire, in which the Freljord and the Shadow Isles are fighting over possession of an Ornn-forged artifact that leads Freljordian souls back to the mortal world. The Freljord wants to light the path back to the Freljord for their worthy kinfolk, while the Shadow Isles seeks to break the cycle and lead these souls into undeath.

At the end of each arc, a winner is declared, the story is resolved in their favor, and we pick two new factions to continue the story with the next arc.

How to Play

  • Declare for a faction, if you haven’t already. The two factions featured in this arc are the Freljord and the Shadow Isles. Their Champion lists are here.
  • Join the Discord server and go to the #match-creation channel.
  • Be on the lookout for custom game invites.
  • The winning team should submit the match results for scoring. By default, the responsibility falls on the person with the most kills.

Weekend Events

This weekend’s Featured Matches will be Melee matches, featuring factions not in this arc. This is meant to add some more variety.


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