BREAKING NEWS: Mayhem in Qa’hhar! Azir Enters City, Challenges Zaun, Noxus on Fields


The following is a report on breaking news. Details may change as new information becomes available.


Emperor Azir has challenged Zaun and Noxus to a contest of arms upon the Fields of Justice. The challenges come in the aftermath of a Xer’Sai incursion into Qa’hhar, culminating in Rek’Sai herself escaping Institute control and attacking the city. At that point, Azir entered Qa’hhar with imperial Shuriman military forces, and struck Rek’Sai down in personal combat. (The temporarily discorporeated Rek’Sai was thereupon diverted back to the Institute’s holding facilities.) The Council has confirmed that Azir’s abrupt entry into Qa’hhar was authorized by an emergency League decree. In exchange for Azir’s military and humanitarian assistance in this crisis, Shurima has been granted a limited right of intervention into the dispute. Azir’s delegates to the League swiftly invoked this right against both Noxus and Zaun, presenting long-simmering grievances which until now Shurima has been unable to find the political support to bring before League adjudication.

On Saturday, July 15, Shurima and Zaun will summon their respective Champions to battle over Azir’s motion to grant imperial Shurima partial oversight regarding the use of pyrikhos-driven hextech (and other techmaturgic derivatives of Shuriman magic) in Shurima. Shurima objects that these “perversions” of Shuriman magic have disrupted the local arcanosphere, with deleterious effect upon their people and lands.

On Sunday, July 16, Shurima will challenge Noxus over a motion to allow Shurima the right to dispatch armed escorts and bandit-hunting forces into Noxian Shurima, which comprises most of the Shurima Desert. Shurima has accused Noxus of deliberately allowing bandits to roam the trade routes between the major Shuriman cities as a form of extortion.

The following Champions will fight for Shurima:

Azir | Sivir | Nasus | Renekton | Xerath | Zilean | Skarner | Amumu | Rammus | Taliyah

(14 July, 27 CLE)

Match Outcomes

VODs to be linked here. For now, here are the results and Summoner lists.

Caitlyn, you monster.

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