Factions Artwork

This page catalogues some of the art the Factions community has contributed so far. It is organized alphabetically by artist. Thank you to all those artists who’ve helped bring Factions alive with their illustrations.


I’ve posted a link to this gallery on this week’s r/lol art megathread. You can also message them in-client, post comments here, or train a team of squirrels to track them down IRL and deliver chocolates.

Index of Artwork by Artist Name


Summoner 333lom (EUNE) made the cover for the first edition of the Herald, and also contributed those awesome portraits of Merricurry. (Updated to add the picture of Garen splitting the Great Barrier before the Battle of Shurima.) (Updated again with some new art for Update 9: The HexKorps.) (And again with the hamsters on the moon art.)

Summoners Herald I-1 Front Page Void Runes Merricurry portrait complete3 Colleague Quarrels

Splitting a mountain1 The Warpgate Finished Shuriman Battle Hamsters in space

Nyroth first lookAgainst the Apocalypse 1

lector-livien-crownguard sir-honnan-laurent

Dame Therese Buvelle Tien Xhou, Emissary of Navori

General Hakoto Yuyogi.png

If you enjoyed these, you can find more at 333lom’s gallery.


Summoner CrazedPorcupine has contributed a portrait of Summoner Synar.


DarkbreakerEx, MistreiuZKo, Shadowfox777, ImaginationStarts

These artists are responsible for the awesome research project icons, with MistreiuZKo doing lines, Shadowfox777 doing effects, and both contributing on colors. DarkbreakerEx also drew a scene from the Battle for Bandle City with ImaginationStarts.

HexKorps Icon Black BG PKII-black.png  ZaunResearchIconsZ InfinityHOLD THE LINE shaded



Summoner GeekeeWasTaken (NA) contributed one of our Hextech Revolution banners.



Summoner Halfy (EUW) contributed a new Piltover–Bandle City Alliance banner for Hextech Revolution.



Summoner KBloodslear (NA) contributed a “Sign Up For Featured Matches!” banner.


Omni Bearr

Summoner Omni Bearr (NA) contributed the Mirrorwater banner now featured on our front page. Visit their tumblr for more of their work.

Mirrorwater Banner


Summoner Rurk (NA) contributed the Shon-Xan banner.


Sgt Porkchop

Summoner Sgt Porkchop (NA) contributed one of our Hextech Revolution banners.

Banner by Sgt Porkchop.

And a Nyroth banner!



Summoner Skallengrim (NA) contributed the Ceruleana banner.

Ceruleana Banner


Summoner TheAce (NA) contribued the current Factions logo.


Wuju Fight Me

Summoner Wuju Fight Me (NA) contributed the Discord banner.

Discord Banner

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