Ceruleana was the second Factions storyline. It began on 9 May, 23 CLE and ended on 16 July, 23 CLE. It was preceded by Mirrorwater and followed by Discord.

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Participants: Demacia, Ionia, Noxus, Piltover, the Freljord, the Shadow Isles
Victor: Demacia
Setup: Lissandra’s use of the Mirrorwater creates a mystical island of living ice in the ocean between the Shadow Isles and the Freljord. The Council decrees that ownership of this island will be decided in the League of Legends.
Outcome: Demacia wins control over the island and encounters its guardian spirit, an ocean goddess who takes the name “Ceruleana”. Demacia turns her power, and the island’s, to serve the forces of Order. Ionia warns them that every action has a reaction.

Balance of Power Chart


Update 1 — Voices Wake Us And We Drown
Update 2 — Driving Back the Shadows
Update 3 — Allies

Next Arc

With Ceruleana’s power, Demacia tipped the cosmic balance toward Order. As Ionia warned, every action has a reaction, and the balance will sooner or later re-assert itself. A Void rift split the sands of Icathia, whence emerged a legion of demons from beyond. They were soon joined by hordes of the undead, uniting Icathia and the Shadow Isles in a dark alliance of Discord.

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