Factions Matches: 22–23 June, 29 CLE


After a long hiatus, Factions is back. Factions is a community-run League of Legends game mode based on faction versus faction matches, like Noxus versus Ionia, played using faction-specific Champion lineups. We also write lore based on match outcomes.

The Balance of Power as of 22 June, 29 CLE, going into these matches.

We’ll be organizing some all-level pick-up matches on June 22 and 23, in the year 29 CLE. All Summoners of the League in good standing are invited to participate. Factions matches can be run anytime, but to facilitate finding other people to play with, we’re also designating certain days/times for match coordination. To start with, I’m personally going to be running matches starting at 2 PM on Saturdays/Sundays. If you’re interested in helping us add another designated pick-up match time, let me know!

See you on the Fields, Summoner.


June 22

  • Renovations continue, Baron Nashor destroys spectator stands

June 23

June 15–16 Match Recordings

  • Fields of Justice closed for renovation and minionization

June 8-9 Match Recordings

June 8

June 9

June 1-2 Matches

Last week, we ran five of these matches:

June 1 Matches

June 2 Matches


Caitlyn, you monster.

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