How to Play


The first step to participating in Factions is to sign up for the current storyline and declare your allegiance.

Next, here’s some information on getting into games.

Pick Up Matches

Most Factions matches are pick-up matches, which anyone can start or join anytime. After the match, someone needs to send in the results so that it can be scored.

Joining a Match

For more detailed information on how to get into a match, see Joining a Match.

If you hang out in the Factions chat, you’ll probably get an invite sooner or later. (Try Factions2 if Factions is full.)



Even better: join your faction’s chat. For example, if you’re Noxian, join the NOXUS chat. This is helpful, because it’s not clear from a glance at the general Factions chat who’s in what faction. If you’re in your faction’s specific chat, though, it’s easy for match organizers to identify you.


You can set the client to auto-join chats on launch. Click the gear icon in the upper-right corner of the chatbox and check the “auto-join” box.

Creating a Match

For detailed instructions and an example video, see Creating a Match.

Any Factions player may start a scored match anytime. You are strongly encouraged to do so. Follow these instructions and get going!

Want to mix it up a bit? Instead of making a scored match, you can also create an unscored Intermission Match. All factions are playable in Intermission Matches, and anyone can play for any side.

Featured Matches and Tournaments

Although pick-up matches are the mainstay of Factions, we also hold shoutcasted Featured Matches and Tournaments.

We hold shoutcasted Featured Matches every Saturday and Sunday, starting at 12:30 p.m. Pacific time (that’s 1:30 Mountain, 2:30 Central, 3:30 Eastern). These are organized as best-of-three mini-tournaments. Signups are usually posted on Monday. If you miss the sign up, you can also just come by at match time to see if we need any fill-ins; we often do have a no-show or two.

Sometimes, a weekend’s Featured Matches are replaced with a full tournament.

A Note For New Summoners

Factions games are often mixed-Tier games. Although we try to balance the teams, you will likely be playing with Summoners both above and below your usual level. This can be a great learning experience, but it can also frustrate people who expect a typical League match.

A common scenario: you are a Silver and end up laning against a Diamond. How are you supposed to lane against one of the most skillful Summoners in the world? Sometimes this can be quite frustrating.

Two things to keep in mind:

  1. It’s likely that elsewhere on the map an enemy Silver is laning against one of your Diamonds. Put bluntly, if you can just feed less hard than them, you’ve pushed your team toward victory.
  2. You shouldn’t hesitate to ask for advice from the higher-Tier Summoners on your team.

And, of course, remember that Factions is meant to be a fun, casual game mode. Don’t stress. Feel free to ask for tips and advice after the match; high-level Summoners are often quite willing to give you some pointers. Factions can be a rare opportunity to get direct feedback from some excellent players.

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