The League of Legends, guardian of Valoran’s peace and final arbiter among nations, was born of idealism—and desperation. It began as an agreement between the great powers of Valoran, whose reckless use of rune magic had broken the very foundations of their world, to adhere to certain laws of war, principally a prohibition on rune magic, and wherever possible to resolve conflicts through League adjudication, with resort to contests of arms on the Fields of Justice to break political deadlock. The mightiest warriors of Valoran became the Champions who battle on the Fields, while rune mages assumed the purple robes of Summoners of the League, pledged to guide and assist these Champions, and sworn to seek out ways to use their magic to mend the broken world of Runeterra.

The League’s founding mandate was to stand against apocalypse, to be Valoran’s last hope that it would see tomorrow. That hope survived its first great test at Kalamanda, when the League stood between Demacia and Noxus, the superpowers that created it, and these bitter enemies yielded to its plea for peace. Since that day, the nations of Valoran have increasingly made recourse to the League to resolve conflicts great and small.

Factions is not just a game mode, but an effort to tell some player-driven stories set in the League of Legends universe. The story you read below has developed as it has because of match outcomes and player decisions.

Introductory Resources


Click here for my initial post on Riot’s lore retcon and Factions canon.

New to Factions? Want to catch up on the lore? Here are some options. The “notable events” section of the first issue of our in-universe newspaper, The Summoner’s Herald, also serves as a bridge into the Factions universe, following the timeline of the Journal of Justice and then continuing where it leaves off.

Previous Storylines

Mirrorwater Banner
Link: Previous Storylines
This is an index of all previous storylines, with scoreboard charts and quick-and-dirty summaries of what happened. It also includes a list of all lore updates from these arcs.

Click on a particular storyline to see the page for that arc, including all lore updates published during its course.

The Story So Far

Link: Storyline
This page provides a narrative overview of the Factions saga to date.

Additional Lore


The Summoner’s Herald

Summoners Herald I-1 Front Page
Link: The Summoner’s Herald
This is our in-universe newspaper, in the style of the Journal of Justice. It is published at the Institute of War, and reports on international news.

Beyond the Battlefield

Link: Beyond the Battlefield
Beyond the Battlefield is for community-written lore, especially lore that isn’t directly related to the central Factions storyline. Anyone can send in their writing for review. We check submissions primarily to ensure there are no conflicts with Factions canon. All Beyond the Battlefield works that are published have been vetted in this way, and are themselves Factions canon. In other words: we invite anyone who would like to do so to contribute to building the Factions world.

Pretty Pictures

Void Runes
Link: Factions Artwork
We are fortunate enough to have lots of awesome community art, as well.


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