Matches: 28–29 September, 29 CLE


A fair number of new people, and some really bonkers matches this weekend.

2019-09-22 - Factions BOP.png

The Balance of Power going into this weekend’s matches.

Match Overview

Skill matchups, with predicted winrates based on prior matches, given as subpoints.

Saturday, September 28

  • Piltover v. the Shadow Isles
  • Demacia v. the Shadow Isles
    • DSBBB v GGSSU (53% winrate)
    • Demacia demands the release of an ancient Demacian “ghost ship”.
  • BONUS: Zaun v. Shurima
    • Zaun intervenes on Singed’s behalf to release a shipment of Urtistani artifacts held at the border.
    • Match rendered moot after venture capital withdrew from the underlying chrono-hextech research project. Singed himself was testing the product, “Latencinine Q4”, on the Fields, when thaumic backlash knocked his Summoner, and indeed the entire Zaunite Summoner team, unconscious. A disoriented but cheerful Ekko seemed to believe he was in Zaun for the next two hours, and persistently “welcomed” passerby to his homeland.

Sunday, September 29

  • Shurima v. Noxus
    • PGGBB v DDPGB (15% winrate)
    • Shurima disputes a Noxian claim to a moonsilver dagger, of Shuriman make but bearing what appear to be primitive Noxian ideograms related to death, the afterlife, or possibly, if the others are reading it upside down, agricultural taxation. The Eighth Legion took it out of Qa’hhar after the insurrection there.
  • Icathia v. Shurima
    • GSB v PGB (74% winrate)
    • Icathia claims a ruined temple onced owned by the family of the Lich Queen Nefara.

Prior Matches

September 14–15 Matches

Saturday, September 14

Sunday, September 15

  • Piltover v. Noxus
    • PGSSS v DSSBU (60% winrate)
  • Piltover v. Ionia
    • PSS v PBB (67% winrate)

September 1 Matches


Caitlyn, you monster.

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