Sat. Feb 22 Featured Matches

Factions will be holding Featured Matches in conjunction with LoL Tourneys every Saturday, starting at 12:30 pm Pacific / 1:30 Mountain / 2:30 Central / 3:30 Eastern.

Sign up to fight for your faction

The next set is this Saturday, February 22. Sign up to play here. Even if the slot you want is “taken”, please sign up as a sub anyway if you’ll be ready and willing: we often have no-shows, and if you sign up as a sub and appear at the start time you actually have a pretty good chance of playing.

These matches are worth twice the base value of a normal match, and the winner of the tournament will receive an additional bonus: either a flat boost to the faction’s points (80% chance) or a new Champion for the roster (20% chance).

Tune in and bring your friends

Even if you’re sitting this one out, I strongly encourage you to tune in and invite your friends to do the same. Our casters and Summoners deserve a large audience. Although we only resumed these Featured Matches last weekend, and a lot of people still aren’t aware, I’m going to set a viewer target of 100 viewers for this next set. I may be able to arrange some kind of prize if we can hit that target. What kind of prize? Do not question the vast extent of my frosting magic, Summoner.


Caitlyn, you monster.

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