Seeking volunteers to score matches

We have lots of matches running lately, which is awesome. This reminds me, though, that I’d been meaning to see about recruiting some volunteers to help score matches.

What does this entail?

  1. Open the Balance of Power spreadsheet
  2. Click the “Computation” tab.
  3. I’ll fill in most of the rows. What I need volunteers to do is to enter the Tier levels for the two teams. (See image below.)
  4. For most entries, this just means clicking the LoL Nexus screenshot link on the left side and inputting the higher of S3/S4 ranks for each Summoner.
  5. In some cases, there is no LoL Nexus screenshot. For those, you’ll need to look up ranks manually, using LoLKing or something of that nature.


S-30 means “sub-30” (below level 30). B is Bronze, S is Silver, and so on.

If a row is blacked-out, it means you don’t need to enter Tiers for that match. (e.g. because it’s a duplicate entry)

It’s not a super-glam task, but it does greatly help keep the scoreboard regularly updated, and it means you get to be the very first to see the Factions’ standings. I’ll also try to give scoreboard helpers some kind of token of appreciation, like lore cameos.

If you’d be willing to pitch in with this, let me know.


Caitlyn, you monster.

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