Update 8: Shield of Light

Double-header update today.

Update 8: Shield of Light

Splitting a mountain1

Artwork by Summoner 333lom.

This update precedes the Battle of Shurima, which will take place tomorrow.


Caitlyn, you monster.

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One comment on “Update 8: Shield of Light
  1. […] More sabotage! While the Bandle City saboteur snuck into the research complex, a Piltovian agent in Shurima discovered the location of the Zaunite warpgate and rigged it with pyrikhos charges. When Zaun attempts to activate it before the battle, the charges will blow, overloading the warp matrix and temporarily disabling it. This will delay the deployment of reinforcements to Shurima. More information is available in Update 8: Shield of Light. […]

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