Gallery of Factions Artwork

At last! I’ve created a gallery of Factions artwork.

Link: Factions Artwork

It’s also visible under the “Media” tab.

Let me know if I’ve missed anyone. And thank you to all the Summoners who have contributed art to Factions!


Caitlyn, you monster.

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2 comments on “Gallery of Factions Artwork
  1. CrazedPorcupine says:

    Cupcake, What’s up with the Lore Staff? Are they all on Vacation or something, or are they all just so busy that Lore has been pushed to the side? And would it be possible to hire a few more people for Lore to help flesh out the World? I mean, MrKarato hasn’t been able to work on FactionsLive because he doesn’t know enough about the world, and BtB hasn’t had any new submissions in over a month even though I’ve pitched ideas.

    Lore is the main focus of Factions, but right now, Lore is being shoved to the side and it’s making me sad.

    • CupcakeTrap says:

      Montesque and Agrofox are both sidelined by RL at the moment.

      One of my major goals for the intermission period is to hire additional staff for each department. I plan to talk to Montesque about possible new lore hires. We do definitely need more.

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