Poll: Allow a few hours of matches post-tourney before arc ends?

The original plan was to end the arc immediately with the final tournament match. However, some people have pointed out that, traditionally, we have at least a few hours of random gung ho matches where everybody throws down on the Fields one last time. Or two last times. Or, you know, plays against Kaiden Ezreal and Redrex7 Karma and gets traumatized.

It’s worth noting that the BoP is way, way out of date — intentionally so. Nobody knows who’s actually ahead, or by how much. I certainly don’t. So every match could make the difference.

So, what do people think? When should I close the match submission form and begin the final count?

EDIT: Results are in. Match submission form will continue to be open until midnight Pacific.

Click here for the spreadsheet.


Caitlyn, you monster.

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