Vote: End-of-arc project selection

One more lore event, of sorts, for the Hextech Revolution arc. I’m giving each faction one more project to close off the arc. This is mostly because otherwise a lot of factions that are almost done with all of their projects would have nothing to roll for with the three weeks of extra research rolls.

Originally, we developed these bonus projects as a backup, in case a faction finished all of its research. Upon reflection, it seemed better to just let everyone pick their bonus project before the final three rolls commence. We’ll likely bring unfinished projects forward into the new system, although since we plan to only have one big project per faction there we might adjust them somewhat.

Select your faction below to vote! Please vote quickly. I actually will finish the research rolls this weekend, possibly even tonight.


Have fun. :3


Caitlyn, you monster.

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One comment on “Vote: End-of-arc project selection
  1. Wizard996 says:

    Is the moon base for Piltover technically viable lorewise? I mean, it was stated earlier in one lore event that Bandle City didn’t want any humans on the ship, even from Piltover (while negotiating aid from Zaun for the Nefara incident). It would probably require them going on the Mothership (reasons why not stated above), since I don’t think they have space-capable vehicles of their own. Just wondering.

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