An independently created proposal for a Factions mode — check it out!


Graphic by Summoner DarkHaitsu.

Summoner DarkHaitsu independently came up with a Factions-esque idea, and has posted a rather pretty GD thread on the topic, including some nifty artwork. I’ve posted one example above.

Here’s the link: Faction wars (GD)

And here’s the Boards Beta thread: Faction wars (Boards)

I encourage you to go chat it up. These threads are both teeming with people going “wow, I’d love to play a game mode like this!” who are apparently unaware of Factions.


Caitlyn, you monster.

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4 comments on “An independently created proposal for a Factions mode — check it out!
  1. darkhaitsu says:

    Oh okay I guess the first one ended in an error message but still posted

  2. darkhaitsu says:

    Hello guys !
    Feel free to ask questions anywhere here or on my posts, I’ll try to answers them as quickly as possible !

  3. darkhaitsu says:

    Hello everyone !
    If you have questions feel free to ask me here or anywhere on my posts and I’ll try to answer most of them !

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