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I’ve started using Twitter. I’m still using my personal account; at some point we should probably set up a proper League Factions Twitter. In the meantime, I’m using this primarily just to share little tidbits of what I’m working on, and whatever else people use Twitter for.


Reddit remains the best, most reliable way to reach myself and Factions staff, by far.

This seems as good a place as any for a quick update on where I am on my Factions agenda.

Step One: Get Scoreboard Running (Complete)

The new, enhanced Balance of Power system is in place. It may look the same as always, but the skill-gap adjustment algorithms have been radically overhauled after many, many hours of statistical analysis and debate. It is now dramatically more fair.

Step Two: Get Lore up to Date (In Progress)

I’m wrapping up the Hextech Revolution lore from last arc and writing a proper prologue for Nyroth. Obviously, it’s a bit later than usual. Don’t worry: this is not the new normal. Actually, we’re picking up additional lore staff so that we can speed up the narrative.

There are four subparts here:

Of course, the prologue will be swiftly followed by more lore on a more regular schedule, beginning with the first interactive lore event of the arc. But to do that, we’ll need …

Step Three: World Systems Revised and Launched (next)

Since Hextech Revolution, Factions has expanded to include some more elaborate simulation systems to help concretely describe in-universe events such as research and military conflict. Most of that is written, but it still needs a final run-through and round of revision before we’re ready to go.

Naggarok is working behind the scenes on this. My hope is to get this running this very week, which is why I’m churning through lore as quickly as cupcakely possible.

Once we have the World Systems running, we’ll be able to open with an interactive lore event in which Summoners from each faction can help set their factions’ initial directions as we move into the main part of the Nyroth storyline.

A Final Note on Timing

Since we’re running behind on the start of this arc, it’s possible we’ll extend it by, say, another month. That’ll be a subject for further discussion a bit down the line.


Caitlyn, you monster.

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4 comments on “CupcakeTrap’s Twitter
  1. StormRevolver says:

    ah cct before i forget the new shuriman lore rito did would work realy well into the shuriman faction revival a lot of guys wanted. Any plan of starting some backstage lore for it in this arc? :)

  2. RaptorAttacks says:

    Someone took the name RaptorAttacks…

    I must make them pay for their transgressions….

  3. StormRevolver says:

    i think the world systems should be started up with the arc opener :) it just seemed like from the post u guys would start it before it

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