October 4-5: Featured Matches Sign Ups

No More EUW

Sadly, due to a lack of sign ups in the EUW region, featured matches will not continue there in the time being. Perhaps in the future if interest increases it can resume, but at the time being it is just not practical for Halfy to be trying to organize the games with a distinct lack of sign ups (Its too bad really, we were just getting into hearing about her adventures fighting off bandits and hanging out with the yordles and poros).




I know I already talked a lot about the rules in the last schedule post, but there was some confusion about a certain rule in the most recent featured matches and thought I would clarify to help avoid future problems. In faction games, each team has 5 minutes of pause time it can use in the case of a lag or dc issue (type /pause in chat to pause game and /unpause or /resume to continue the game). A special rule for featured matches is that, in addition to the 5 minutes of pause time, a team can call for a remake within the first 5 minutes of the game (time determined by the game clock) if they have a connection or lag problem (a team can only call for a featured match to be remade once).

To call for a remake in the event of yourself or another player having a connection issue, first check that the game time is in fact within the first 5 minutes (you may want to pause the game to avoid going over this time while trying to sort everything out), then ask your team if they want to remake the game. A simple majority vote (3 of 5) of the players in the game should suffice (if people are dc’ed they don’t count towards the vote so e.g. 2 of 3 players and such count for majority). If people do not reply (make sure to give them ample time to respond) you can assume that they vote yes. With the majority vote of your team, you then announces in the all chat (/all) that your team has asked for a remake. Then proceed to exit game and inform the match organizer (either myself, 501st Big Mike, or Sgt Porkchop) that you have elected to use your remake for that game.

Kind of a lengthy explanation, but unfortunately Ionia got stuck in a 3v5 scenario this weekend. They could have asked for a remake, as the game clock was still under 5 minutes, but due to confusion over the rules they did not and ultimately had a disappointing game (not that they played bad, but the outnumbered team rarely does well in League).


For more information on featured match rules, just check out the official featured match/tournament rules page. I highly recommend people read the rules to help prevent their faction being put at a disadvantage.

Sign Ups

Although we are unable to have featured matches in EUW, the NA games continue.


October 4: Bilgewater vs Shadow Isles

October 5: Freljord vs Ionia




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