October 11-12 Featured Matches Sign Ups

A map centered on Runeterra's main continent, Valoran.


Moving onto other news, we at Valoran’s News Station have a quick update on who has won their featured matches (these scores are separate to BoP scores).

Right now in first place, and undefeated in featured matches, is Pirateland with 6 overall victories in Featured Matches! Oh…I have just been informed by my sources that the politically correct name is in fact Bilgewater. In second place is Icy Frost World…oops, that is actually Freljord, with 4 victories, with their only loses in featured matches being to the top dogs of Bilgewater themselves. Ninja Warrior Lan…ok, make that Ionia, has only 1 win in featured matches, but it is worth mentioning that did end up splitting the prize for their last match against Bilgewater. So you could say they have 1 victory and 1 tie. And lastly, with just 1 win against Ionia, is the cast that just refuses to take off their costumes from the T.V. show The Walkin….And, I have just been informed that the name is in fact Shadow Isles and that I am fired for being incompetent at my job as news anchor.


Scoreboard Short Version

  1. Pirateland Bilgewater: 6 Viktories
  2. Icy Frost World Freljord: 4 Viktories
  3. Ninja Warrior Land Ionia: 1 Viktory (kinda have 1 tie as well)
  4. Cast from The Walking Dead The Shadow Isles: 1 Viktory


Sign Ups

October 11: Freljord vs Shadow Isles

October 12: Ionia vs Bilgewater


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5 comments on “October 11-12 Featured Matches Sign Ups
  1. StormRevolver says:

    this reminds me. since the points are truly zero sum this arc, isnt getting 60points for the instant win kinda impossible?

    • 501stbigmike says:

      It is still possible. It is just very hard, which is the point. An instawin is meant to only take place if 1 faction gets super far ahead

    • CupcakeTrap says:

      I’m working late tonight, but as soon as I finish and get back, and get the prologue posted, I’ll be turning my attention to World Systems, including win conditions.

      Given that this arc is zero-sum, I might in fact consider revising the “insta-win” threshold. (Remember that it also requires two tournament victories.) There will definitely be an opportunity for meaningful staff and community input on any such changes.

      • 501stbigmike says:

        I think the instawin requirement should be something about holding a point value on the BoP for a certain number of games that the faction plays in. That way its about having a dominating performance consistently for a long period of time.

  2. OverlordAlphaOM says:

    Viktor, your jokes need to be upgraded.

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