October 18-19 Featured Matches Sign Ups



Bilgewater has accumulated an unbelievable win streak in the Featured Matches, having gone completely undefeated with 7 victorious weekends. They have set the bar incredibly high for the rest of the factions, and now Freljord is hoping to find a win against them, the only faction to beat the Freljord in the Featured Matches.


On the other side of the spectrum, Ionia and Shadow Isles remain with only 1 win a piece; each having beat the other once. That, however, ends this weekend: Ionia and Shadow Isles are facing off in the closest rivalry in the featured matches so far.


Sign Ups


October 18: Bilgewater vs Freljord

October 19: Shadow Isles vs Ionia

Get Ready

Help lead your faction to victory and sign up to play. Help Porkchop and myself out and sign up to stream and cast. And once all of that is taken care of, practice, practice, and practice some more so you are prepared for this weekend.

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