10/24 Research Rolls

So now for the other fun half: Research rolls and the danger levels. LET US BEGIN:

Balance of Power at the time of this roll:

Now this a bit complicated as the BoP has not been fully updated yet and is actually missing two days of matches, so BoP will be calculated with the last fully scored match. The research rolls will be updated when the BoP is fully updated to Friday so expect changes in the actual research done. There will be a post when it is updated.

Bilgewater: 30. 30*4=120 research bonus from BoP.

Freljord: 10. 10*4= 40 research bonus from BoP

Ionia: 4. 4*4=16. 16*1.1=18 research bonus from BoP

Shadow Isles: -44. (I’m so sorry.) -44*0.5= -22 research penalty from BoP


Actual Research Gain: Base=20. 20*2=40. Rolled  for randomness. 15-51=-36. 236+40+120-36=350 points gained.

The Moonstone is now 35% done. Declaring Beta status will wait until the BoP is updated to confirm.

Danger Roll Threshold: 5% base=5% total failure threshold.

Danger Roll: 61. Fizz bathed some sailors in chum accidentally, but they managed to clean themselves off. They won a record for fastest time for a Bilgewaterian to take a bath.

The Frejlord(Ruled by Queen Ashe)

Actual Research Gain: Base=50. 50*2=100. Random roll=44-51=-7. 195+100+40-7=328 points gained

Frostgem mines is now 32.8% done. Declaring Beta status will wait until the BoP is updated to confirm.

Danger Roll Threshold: 5% base=5% total failure threshold.

Danger Roll: 57. Nothing of note happened.


Actual Research Gain: Base=60. 60*2=120. Random roll=75. 75-51=24. 282+120+18+24 =444 points gained

The Kinkou is now 44.4% done. Declaring Beta status will wait until the BoP is updated to confirm.

Danger Roll Threshold: 5% base=5% total failure threshold.

Danger Roll: 18. Zed was seen on the outskirts of one of the searching parties. All he did was stare for an inordinate amount of time however.

Shadow Isles

The Results of Shadow Isle’s Second Research Poll from most to lowest:
The winner: Night Terrors at 24
Newest Shadow Isle’s industry waterproof sheets

Stygian Chains -> 19
Evelynn was greatly pleased at this until someone told her what it actually was.

Eternal Rest -> 18
Sleep is for the weak

Soul Spire -> 8
Ditched harder than Riven.

Nefara’s Favor -> 7
Shadow Isles is not interesting in females at this point.

Shadow Isles has decided it wants to say boo in people’s sleep.

Actual Research Gain: Base=30. 30*2=60. Randomness roll=8. 8-51=-43. 0+60-22-43- =…..0 points gained.

Night Terrors has not made any progress. This may change when BoP is updated. They will have to rise above -34 to gain research progress.

Danger Roll Threshold: 5% base +2% Night Terrors=7% total failure threshold.

Danger Roll: 99. Of course it’s safe. NOTHING IS HAPPENING.

So that is the active factions research rolls. The actual research will almost certainly change however so say tuned for the final values. Shadow Isles has some hope. Anyways non-active faction research below. If you don’t care, then consider this done. Comment below as always.]

Bandle City

Bandle City is researching Space Scouts.

Math: Base=60. 60×2=120. 120 +13-51=82. 82*0.6=49. 49+600=649.

Space Scouts is now at 64.9 percent completed.

Danger Roll Failure Level: Base 5%+Hexplosives 2%= 7% total danger threshold.

Danger Roll: 76. Bandle gets to keep it’s research as Teemo has gone back to Runeterra leaving the Moonbase free of tyranny. For now.


Math: Base=40. 40×2=80. 80+80+100-51=209. 209*0.6=126. 126+669=795. Purifiers are now at 79.5%

Danger Roll Failure Level: Base 0%+Secrets of Shurima 1%(They weren’t very good secrets)= 1% total danger threshold.

Danger Roll: 3. The aura of the Shadow Isles permeated Demacia this week. Lucian has vowed to finish his project as soon as possible.


Math: Base=50. 50×2=100. 100+34-51=83. 83*0.6=50. 50+86=136. Noxian Cleansing is now at 13.6%.

Danger Roll Failure Level: Base 5%=5% Total Failure Threshold

Danger Roll: 82. The Sion train only resulted in the death of Noxian heretics.


Math: Base=70. 70×2=140. 140+57-51=146. 146*0.6=88. 88+300=388. Ironclad Fleet is now at 38.8%.

Danger Roll Failure Level: Base 5%+Hexplosives 2%= 7% total danger threshold.

Danger Roll: 57. The terror train did not return. Scientists still baffled at reincarnation.


Azir spent the week trying to have a correspondence with Anivia on how they could unite their thematically opposed empires into a glorious superpower. He also mentions their common love of blocking people and the fact that they’re both birds. Anivia responded with the cold shoulder. The Ascendant Azir will spend the week sulking.

The Void


Math: Base=40. 40×2=80. 80+2-51=31. 31*0.6=19. 19+64=83. Icathia Rising is now 8% done.

Danger Roll Failure Level: Base 5%(Void magic is fun) +3% Icathia Rising=8% Total Failure Threshold

Danger Roll:  39. Icahtia suffered  a minor bout of quantum mechanics. It looked fine last we looked.


(Primodial Power) Math: Base=90. 90×2=180. 180+97-51+270=496. 496*0.6=298. 128+298=426. Primordial Power is now 42.6% done. Primordial Power is now in Beta.

(S.P.E.S.S.) Math: Base=90. 90×2=180. 180+18-51=147. 147*0.6=88. 128+88=216. S.P.E.S.S. is now 21.6% done.

Danger Roll Failure Level: Base 10%(So dangerous)+2% Warpgates+1%Void Energy+3% S.P.E.S.S.=16% Total Failure Threshold.

Danger Roll: 74. Mundo’s first rocket trip nearly failed, but was successfully contained by Xerath who was finishing up Primordial power. Mundo has outsourced his piloting to a bunch of short green men who embody the spirit of Zaun. The one called Jebidiah came highly recommended.

So thats everyone. Everyone lives. Zaun gets massive boost.

Ya know.

The usual.

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6 comments on “10/24 Research Rolls
  1. BlackRose02 says:

    I kinda feel sorry for the SI players, since they haven’t exactly been doing well this arc.

  2. StormRevolver says:

    did zaun buy research from commerce? or whats that 270. im missing something o.O it just seems such a massive number.
    Oh and poor Azir :(

  3. StormRevolver says:

    you could have used the last week standings instead of the currently calculated ones :)

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