The final three World Systems Categories: Economics, Espionage, and Industry

So the last of the world systems is going to be released now. Votes for both Economics and Espionage will be closed and rolled Thursday night, so you all have plenty of time to talk. Anyways, going through each of the categories now, starting with Industry.


Industry has been retooled slightly from the initial vision for this arc. Instead of building within the cities themselves, Industry will be instead what each faction is constructing on Nyroth such as lets say docks or temples or nuclear missile silos(Please no Zaun). For the first set, the projects have been chosen by staff. Once these are done, the faction will be able to pick a new industry project. The current industry projects are as follows:

  • Bilgewater: Stormhaven Fortification. Familiar with the unknown and their precarious position on the Island, Bilgewater has begun to make Stormhaven a proper town and not a hastily constructed shanty town.
  • Freljord: Plantation Establishment. When Frejlord first set foot on the island, the immediate thought was “So much food.” Currently, Frejlord is attempted to create series of farms to feed its people and to create a Freljordian presence on the island.
  • Ionia: Embassy of Balance. A facility near Stormhaven in order to represent Ionian interests and to give safe haven to those in need.
  • Shadow Isles: Hallowed Ground. Shadow Isles is constructing a crypt that would allow undead souls to be transported from Nyroth to the Shadow Isles and vice verse. It is limited in power and it can’t handle raw materials, but it will allow Shadow Isles to have a foothold connected to their island.

So there have been two rolls for these already. Where can you find these you ask? Why you can find them here! After some concerns over finding information, I have made this document as a basic score card for each faction. it will be expanded to have all factions, graphs and statistics all, but currently it shows research, industry, favor and commerce. Which leads us into the next topic.


Commerce is a way for factions to buy their glory, research, or military. These are not roll-based. Any votes over 50% will be done. A maximum of half the total commerce of faction can be spent in one commerce poll. If multiple options are above 50%, commerce will be split between them. You can spend a maximum of 30 commerce per petition.

Very simple. Now lets move on to the more interesting poll.


This does involve rolls. Every week, each faction can do sneaky stuff against one other faction or practice homeland security. If a faction does elect to act against another faction, there is a chance for success, a chance for evasion, and the favor cost for being caught. The base chance is inherent to the faction’s espionage stat. On a natural roll of 90 or above, the faction automatically succeeds, in an especially exciting way. (Good material for lore updates.) On a natural roll of 20 or below, the faction automatically fails. (Yes, critical failures are more common than critical successes.) This means that these is always a 10% chance to succeed and a 20% chance to fail for both mission objectives and evasion.

Both commerce and espionage voting will be closed on Thursday evening. Now there is one last form: a feedback form.  This form along with the faction summary sheet will be posted at the end of every world systems post. It is almost completely anonymous so feel free to express your opinion fully.

As always if you have comments, concerns, or feel like you want to be noticed, post below.

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