Commerce and Espionage Poll Extension

Due to a limited number of votes from both Freljord and Ionia, I have decided that the poll for Commerce and Espionage will be closed on Friday instead. All rolls will be done before research, and, speaking of research, the BoP has been updated meaning the actual research progress can be listed now.

  • Bilgewater: The Moonstone is now at 26.2%.
  • Freljord: Frostgem Mines is now at 34%.
  • Ionia: The Kinkou is now at 42.2%
  • Shadow Isles: Night Terrors is now at 1.1%

There are many close votes and again, Ionian and Freljordian turnout has been low. So you can make the difference.

Commerce Voting:

Espionage Voting

Faction Standings
World Systems Feedback
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6 comments on “Commerce and Espionage Poll Extension
  1. CupcakeTrap says:

    I literally lol’d at the Night Terrors link. WP, Naggarok.

  2. Shifco says:

    Actually, the balance of power is not fully updated. There’s a modest gap somewhere close to the end. I should know, since I spent some hours updating it.

    • CrazedPorcupine says:

      It had been updated far enough that Naggarok could do the updated research since it only had to go up to last friday!

  3. ChroniclerC says:

    Feedback form lacks an entry for Politics.

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