The second week of League Petitions has begun!

So here we are again. Once again, the factions within the Nyrothian dispute are able to present a case to the league. In acknowledgement of the hasty nature of the previous petition, the League has seen fit to give until November the Fifth for voting. Should there be insufficient votes or it is sufficiently close it will be extended to the morning of the sixth. Be sure to read carefully as there are several new additions to the poll.

When the poll is closed then the support/oppose poll will be opened. The support/oppose poll will last until Friday. Again it will be open Wednesday night or Thursday morning, so be aware of that.

In other news, Aatrox is once again available to Ionia and Shadow Isles as both have not improved much in the past weeks albeit Shadow Isles showing great strides towards regaining its standing in the Balance of Power and won this weekends featured matches, granting them exploration of an island.

Nemesis champions are still available as listed below. They are secondary champions.

  • Lucian will fight against the Shadow Isles.
  • Syndra and Zed will fight against Ionia.
  • Brand will fight against the Freljord.

The polls are below:

Faction Standings
World Systems Feedback
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One comment on “The second week of League Petitions has begun!
  1. ChroniclerC says:

    Still needs current Favor totals, preferably in the poll page itself.
    Also, SI’s poll for Mortal Favor asks about burning Favor, which is incorrect.

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