Harrowing Prizes and November 8-9 Featured Matches Sign Ups

Harrowing Prizes

We managed to fight our way through the Harrowing and survive; well, most of us did anyways. With the horrors of it now past, we can celebrate and pass out the prizes to our skin contest. If you remember from the last post, the three categories are Best Overall Skin, Spookiest Skin, and Funniest Skin. Each category has 1 winner, for a total of 3 winners, who receive a lore cameo.

  • Funniest Skin: Giant Enemy Crabgot, used by Kramillion
  • Spookiest Skin: Pumpkin Head Fiddlesticks, used by Damaster00777
  • Best Skin Overall: Blade Queen Lissandra, used by Wrath of Avarice

GiantEnemyCrabgotPumkinhead Fiddlestickslissandra-blade-queen

Also, Shadow Isles somehow managed to use only champions with a spooky/undead theme. Who would have thought it?

Sign Ups

With the featured matches over, its time to start signing up for the next set. Come and show everyone why your faction is superior.

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3 comments on “Harrowing Prizes and November 8-9 Featured Matches Sign Ups
  1. Damaster00777 says:

    I’d like to thank the Academy, and everyone who was watching the featured matches.

  2. StormRevolver says:

    against bilge again? muh :(

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