Shoutcasted Pick-Up Matches Tuesday, November 4

Tomorrow, Tuesday, November 4, Venia Vis and I will be casting a pickup match or two. I’d like to start getting shoutcasted pick-ups as a semi-regular weekday event. Obviously, it’s not at the top of my list right now, but let’s give it a try this week to see how it goes.

EDIT: We were actually also able to get KyleDangerHenick, of Area of Defect fame, to cast with us.

These are not Featured Matches, but they will be scored like other pick-up matches. As noted below, I’d also like to use the first match as a tiebreaker for the upcoming lore event.

Match One: Ionia versus the Freljord

This match will begin at 7 Pacific. (That’s 8 Mountain, 9 Central, 10 Eastern.)

Both Ionia and the Freljord went 1–2 in this past weekend’s Featured Matches, granting them the right to select a mainland site to explore. They each chose the “Ancient Library” as their top choice. Assuming we can get even teams for this match, I’d like to use it as a tiebreaker: it’s more interesting than rolling Politics, which is the backup option.

EDIT: We were, sadly, not able to get even teams together, so it was just a pickup. Still, a very fun match! Watch it here.

Match Two: Bilgewater versus the Shadow Isles

This one will start an hour later. This one will definitely just be a pick-up, though we’ll try to arrange the teams to be roughly even if we can.

EDIT: Link here.


Caitlyn, you monster.

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3 comments on “Shoutcasted Pick-Up Matches Tuesday, November 4
  1. CrazyMLC says:

    the question is, is that 7 am, or 7 pm? the world may never know

  2. StormRevolver says:

    nice idea! :) but wouldn’t it be better if the pairings wouldn’t be the same as the featured this week?

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