Open Thread: Factions Q&A, Suggestions, Comments, Questions


That was an exciting first day of the tournament! Thanks to all who participated.

As discussed in the Twitch chat, I think we should have a public Q&A session. This is a time to:

  • Share things you like about Factions (always nice to have some encouragement!)
  • Ask questions about absolutely anything: rules, lore, matches, whatever
  • Propose changes to the rules
  • Identify problems
  • Propose new initiatives
  • Post amusing text and images

I often get emails and in-client messages with this type of feedback. I appreciate it, and I do try to respond, but (take my word on this) it is really hard to keep up, especially when lots of windows are chirping for attention and I’m trying to work on other admin stuff behind the scenes at the same time. The other problem with this mode of interaction is that it’s inherently “private”, so others don’t get the benefit of your ideas or my responses.

So, here are two discussion threads. Use whichever you prefer. I’ll make a plug here for the new forum run by CrazyMLC/Matsokune, which is a great resource for Factioners.

Please come participate!

Discussion Topics

Here are just a handful of possible discussion topics.

  • Ranks. Riot has, for reasons unknown to me, disabled the part of their API that allowed us to look up Summoners’ ranks from prior arcs. This is a huge problem for scoring. The interim rule we’ve adopted: we’re looking only at Season 4 rank. The problem here is that, while S4 rank is pretty accurate for the most part, there are some noticeable exceptions. But without access to the S3 rank data, the only alternative would be to house-rule individual Summoners. I support Matchstaff’s current decision, which is to use S4 rank for all purposes, as it’s the only rank that’s currently visible, but I continue to welcome other suggestions.
  • Faction organization. I really want to help each faction build greater internal cohesion and develop its strategies, as well as its community. How can we facilitate this? We’ve created a forum as a start, but I’d love to hear other ideas. I’m quite strapped for time right now myself, but I’d love to see community members taking on the task of welcoming new Summoners into their factions, inviting them onto the forum, and so on.
  • Lore. I realize that the primary issue with lore is that we’re behind, which is why I’ve recruited several new lorestaffers and am continuing to recruit more. I’m also going to devote most of the rest of tonight to writing lore to catch up. But, in the meantime, I’d appreciate feedback. What lore has been most impactful? What do you want more of? What do you want less of? What ideas do you have for how the story might progress?


Caitlyn, you monster.

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