Well, that’s an odd bit of timing: just as we announce a brief revisiting of Hextech Revolution and the Battle of Shurima in next weekend’s special tournament, we get something about a Void monster being discovered in Shurima.

Link: The Terror Beneath

I’m kidding, though. I’m sure it was already there when Zaun arrived.


Caitlyn, you monster.

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8 comments on “Zaun, WHAT DID YOU DO?!
  1. StormRevolver says:


  2. Rextreff says:

    Nothing to worry about. It’s probably just a Thresher Maw.

  3. Azir says:

    Ummm, Zaun…
    So I woke up today and there’s this monster on my doorstep tearing apart my sand soldiers. As amusing as it is, could you come back and lock it away please? I was supposed to have a meeting with the league about getting Shurima declared an official faction, and it’s kind of hard to do that when they’re all eaten before the council members can arrive…


    Oh also, don’t forget that offer I made you!!!

    You could really gain a lot from allying with me, er, I mean, Shurima!

    • As a representative of Zaun, I am happy to inform you that the void presence in Shurima is absolutely nothing to worry about, and I- I mean we- most certainly had absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with it. Such claims are utterly ridiculous. What interest would I – I mean we – have in bringing a void worm monster thing into the sands beneath Shurima. Preposterous!

      • rahh231 says:

        We did it. Come at us bro…

      • RaptorAttacks says:

        Rahh just wants to watch Renekton and Giant Void Shurima Worm Lady fight to the death, and then he’ll pitch it to the big movie companies and make a grand total of Five Dollars.

      • Azir says:

        Alright, well… As long as it’s gone by Thursday. Me and Anivia are having our first annual anti-thanksgiving party. She said that if another monster interrupts, she’s going to stop seeing me… (and please don’t tell her I just phrased it that way!)

    • Wizard996 says:

      Don’t worry, we’ll capture it with our armies and experiment the hell out of it, only to find out that it has enough sentience to join the League. Also, its main diet appears to be merchants, which cuts a bit into our commercial trade system. We’ll make sure you have plenty of time to get Shurima made a faction, but I think that before that we need to bring one of our resident Magus’ in to have a…formal discussion. Yeah, don’t mind the class 4 barriers around the room, we’re pretty sure nothing cataclysmic will occur…potentially merely catastrophic.

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