11/25 Commerce and Espionage Polls.

Since these went up very late, the polling will last as long as possible before the island exploration. IE late Friday night.

Bilgewater, Freljord and Ionia all need to vote for a new research project. Ionia also needs to vote on it’s new industry project.

In a continued effort to entice people to the new forums, the polls will all be on their appropriate faction sub-forum.

Voting Threads(linked as they are made)

Faction Standings
World Systems Feedback
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3 comments on “11/25 Commerce and Espionage Polls.
  1. Um, Ionia’s poll is down?

  2. Licantus says:

    “We’re aware communities are down right now, including our support board. Stay tuned to Twitter for more updates as we can get them out!”

  3. Blackrose02 says:

    Is anyone else having trouble connecting to the forum board? I’m having certainly trouble.

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