Please use instead of LoLNexus for match results

NAOPGG screenshot example

Screenshots are crucial, because they let scorers quickly identify the ranks of the Summoners on each team.


It has come to our attention that LoL Nexus is no longer very accurate with regard to Summoners’ ranks. seems much more accurate, and can be accessed after the match instead of only during the match. (Just type in a Summoner’s name, go to matches, and voila.) Please use for screenshots going forward.


Caitlyn, you monster.

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One comment on “Please use instead of LoLNexus for match results
  1. AbiwonKenabi says:

    Geez, Cupcake you buy a ton of wards.

    Although I see you only bought a single vision ward. I doubt that lasted all game, so which means you are slacking. :P

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