Logistics of Nyroth Resolution

In an ideal world, we’d have both lore events and matches end on the same day, whereupon fully finished lore would be posted up on the site, and everyone would get a pet poro and some candy. Unfortunately, with things having become a bit rocky of late, we can’t have everything wrap up perfectly on December 23 and still give everyone time to vote on the final lore events and so forth.

So, although the match submission form (and the arc signup) will close on December 23, and the final arc standings will be posted shortly thereafter, there will still be some more Nyroth story to work out. Since the arc will have concluded, we’ll be able to take our time on that, and avoid the need for those 24-hour lightning-polls. I’m looking forward to that.

Our next priority will be getting the scored intermission going. This should be pretty exciting, and refreshingly simple: just faction versus faction matches of all kinds, perhaps with a little intermission lore worked in as we’re able. Our focus will be on getting ready for the next arc. I’m hopeful that the scored intermission will be engaging enough that people will be understanding if it takes us a couple months to get the next arc planned out—no more “we’ll figure it out as we go along”.

So go play some matches and have fun. I’ll share more as I’m able.


Caitlyn, you monster.

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