Snowdown Has Been Stolen!

Intermission Begins

by 501st Big Mike

Well, the Nyroth arc has finally concluded (as of 11:59 pm Pacific time December 23). It is certainly a record holding arc for how many new things have been introduced to factions. Now all the final games of Nyroth are being tallied up, the BoP is being calculated, and soon we shall learn who the winner of the arc shall be (although, I know you are all going “It’s pretty obvious that Shadow Isles took first. We are just waiting for the battle for second to be announced.”)

This leads us into an extended intermission period where staff is going to try and learn from all the ups and downs of Nyroth to revise the rules and systems before we start up the next arc. While we have the intermission, featured matches will be continuing as normal. Since we don’t have an arc the featured matches need to be attached to, I can get somewhat creative with them. Which leads us to the sign ups for this weekend’s matches.

Factions staff send their sincere wishes for a splendid Snowdown to you all!

December 27 – How the Tiny Master of Evil, Veigar, Stole Snowdown

Please understand that the lore written below was not written by a member of the lore team, but by a humble matchstaffer. It is meant to be mostly bullet point style for simplicity and to save time (in other words, please critique it mercifully). I hope that maybe when they get the free time, some of the lorestaff could look it over and write up a decent lore update for it.

VeigarSquare (1)

Veigar hated Snowdown, the entire season. Don’t ask why, no one quite knows the reason.

Veigar decides that he will make Valoran suffer and steal snowdown. Meets up with Brand, Kog’Maw, Cho’Gath, and Malzahar at Institute, they are all in.

He goes to the Shadow Isles. Mordekaiser, Evelyn, Elise, Nocturn, Fiddlesticks, and Shaco instantly join. Maokai overhears and thinks that if the Shadow Isles feels the warmth of Snowdown presents it might weaken the control of the necromancers; He joins in, so long as he gets a share of the presents. Amumu never gets presents, he wants some too.

Next, Veigar goes to Zaun. Wants Mundo’s help, but Mundo likes snowdown presents. Mundo save Snowdown. He tries to get Viktor and Singed to control Mundo; Mundo goes where he pleases, but everyone knows better than to chase Singed, and Viktor shall show the superiority of the Glorious Evolution by using his devices to defeat Mundo’s mere flesh. Jinx wants to makes the presents go BOOM.

Runs into Morgana on way out. Evidently she has some bad memories associated with Snowdown.

Veigar talks to Sivir; she is in, so long as she gets a share that she can sell. She talks to Azir, evidently he has never seen snow and starts making bird noises. Far as Sivir can tell, he is in.

Gangplank, Zed, and Syndra hear some rumors about stealing Snowdown, they want in.

Veigar Steals Snow Down’s Villainous Masters

  1. Veigar
  2. Brand
  3. Kog’Maw
  4. Cho’Gath
  5. Mordekaiser
  6. Nocturn
  7. Shaco
  8. Syndra
  9. Amumu
  10. Singed
  11. Sivir
  12. Gangplank
  13. Maokai
  14. Viktor
  15. Malzahar
  16. Fiddlesticks
  17. Elise
  18. Azir
  19. Zed
  20. Evelyn
  21. Morgana
  22. Jinx

NEW: Blitz

Mundo likes Snowdown. Mundo save Snowdown from grumpy Yordle. Goes to Bandle City to get help. Ziggs, Teemo, Tristana, Poppy, Gnar, Heimerdinger, Lulu, and Gnar will help.

Snowdown is Mundo popular in Freljord, Mundo go there next. Braum, Gragas, Nunu, and Anivia will not see their Snowdown ruined by the grumpy Yordle. Braum tells Mundo that fish lady in Bigwaters might help.

Mundo goes to Bilgewater. Nami offers her aid, and recruits puny pirate lady to help out. Miss Fortune uses some of Bilgewater’s Noxian contacts to enlist Katarina’s help. Sona, Vayne, Lucian, and Lux learn that Snowdown’s fate is being trusted to a Noxian; they will keep an eye on Katarina.

Kayle tracks down Mundo. She wants to bring the evil doers trying to steal Snowdown to justice.

Mundo gets lost on way back to Zaun, ends up in Piltover. Caitlyn and Vi want to put jinx back into her place. Jayce wants to show Viktor who the top inventor is.

 Mundo Saves Snowdown’s Fun Lovers

  1. Braum
  2. Mundo
  3. Gragas
  4. Nunu
  5. Ziggs
  6. Teemo
  7. Tristana
  8. Sona
  9. Poppy
  10. Heimerdinger
  11. Lulu
  12. Miss Fortune
  13. Katarina
  14. Lux
  15. Jayce
  16. Gnar
  17. Lucian
  18. Vayne
  19. Nami
  20. Anivia
  21. Caitlyn
  22. Vi
  23. Kayle

NEW: Zac

Veigar’s band of thieves stole all of the presents, food, and decorations in the dead of night, made for Snowdown by all the Yordles, mutants, Ursine, and people alike. To deny the pinguians their Snowdown feast, they even stole the roast beast. All they left for those to find on the morrow, was a crumb too small for even a poro.

They meet up in the Freljord to divide up the stolen goods, when Mundo’s Snowdown Fun Lovers catch them.

Braum brought along some poro backup to help out in the fight, but as it turns out many of the presents for Snowdown were poros (Go Poro Farms!) so Veigar’s villains have plenty of poros they can use too. The fighting shall take place in the Legend of the Poro King game mode.

We understand that with that many Yordles and Poros being streamed live that there is a very serious threat of members of the audience having a serious overdose of cuteness. We will have medical experts on standby in the event that anyone passes out during the matches as a result of such an overdose.

The fate of Snowdown, is at stake!

Matches will take place on Saturday, December 27 at the usual time (12:30 pm Pacific start time)

Sign up for your side of How Veigar Stole Snowdown here

December 28 – Freljord is Angry at Bandle City

If anyone remembers back to the Argyre revisit, Bandle City ended up screwing  Freljord over when the Lanpoa honored the Yordles of Bandle City as its rightful owners. Now the Freljord has gotten pretty angry at the Yordles, which wasn’t helped when from the midst of a Yordle crowd a member of the Winter’s Claw heard someone shout that the Freljord was full of nothing but mean poopyheads.

Bandle City continues to claim that this was done by Veigar to try and ruin the Freljrod and Bandle City relations, but the Freljord is having none of it. To settle the matter, Bandle City challenged the Freljord to battle on the Fields of Justice. The Freljord accepted the challenge, on the condition that they get the home field advantage. The matches will be held on the Howling Abyss (not ARAM or Legend of the Poro King, just the normal set up).

It is not clear if these matches will change anything in the situation. It was not a Council commissioned contest, nor did either side generate any terms for prize for the matches. The league is currently reviewing their options on the matter, but in the meantime neither faction seems to care, they just want to beat on the other.

The matches will begin at the normal start time of 12:30 pm Pacific on Sunday, December 28. Sign up to play here.


Factions is always looking for some quality casters and streamers for the featured matches. If you would like to volunteer for either, or both, you can sign up here.

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6 comments on “Snowdown Has Been Stolen!
  1. Quiloren says:

    Seems a little off to me lorewise that maokai would help veigar, but whatever, sounds fun!

  2. Rextreff says:



  3. Mendicant Bias says:

    For the BC/Frel match, are we using the Freljord intermission roster? I want to know for, um… Quinn reasons.

  4. For the Bandle/Frel match, are we using the intermission Freljord roster or the one from this arc? I wanna know for Quinn reasons.

  5. Rextreff says:

    no pantheon qq

  6. StormRevolver says:

    \o\ snowdown showdown /o/

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