Last Call for World System Applicants

The sign up.

So as many of you know by now, World Systems is about to go under a major overhaul during the intermission. Before I begin the process in earnest, I would like to have one more call for world system applicants. Anyone who I believe has potential will be able to see and comment on the initial draft/discussion of the Complete World Systems Overhaul(which is 11 pages long, has 60+ topics, and is still growing).

Anyone who is accepted will help with the draft and the general restructuring/fixing of World Systems over the intermission. Sometime shortly before the next arc, I’ll pick a few to be dedicated world systems staff. Those who aren’t picked will still be used for advice and feedback, so, even if you aren’t officially staff, you will still be able to contribute towards shaping World Systems.

Here’s the signup again. It’ll be roughly a day before I close it, so get it in before then.

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