January 3-4 Featured Matches Sign Up


Map Change

I’ve decided to have the featured matches do a short tour of the different playable maps for the the next couple of weeks. Last week we played the matches on the Howling Abyss. This week, we shall be moving onto the Crystal Scar, the Twisted Treeline next week, and the week after that we will be going back to Summoner’s Rift.

Next week, when we get to the Twisted Treeline, we might play 4 games instead off the usual 3, depending on the number of sign ups. If we get a large number of sign ups, we will play 4 games to allow more people to participate, but if we have a relatively small number of sign ups we will stick to the standard 3 games.

To clarify, this week’s featured matches will be on the Crystal scar. You might want to brush up on your dominion tactics.


January 3rd, Freljord Civil War

The Freljord is a very fractured nation with a distinct lack of unity. With the Freljord falling to third place after having taken first by a significant margin after winning the last tournament, faith in the Avarosan leadership is weakening. Sejuani is quick to start taking advantage of this and is trying to further this lack of trust in Ashe’s ability to rule. She has been boasting how it was her troops that gave the Freljord its victory in Krocylea after the Avarosan troops failed. Tensions have been escalating and now the Winter’s Claw has challenged the Avarosan to battle on the Fields of Justice, in order to humiliate Ashe.

The roster of the Freljord is being split based on the allegiance to the Avarosan and the Winter’s Claw. The third faction vying for control of the Freljord, the Frostguard, is being split to play both sides to Lissandra’s advantage. Lissandra, who is “officially” a respected member of the Avarosan, will fight for Ashe in the matches. However, Trundle will be playing on the side of the Winter’s Claw. Thematically, Trundle fits in with the marauders of Sejuani; for gameplay, the Winter’s Claw needs champions to add to their roster, and lastly, lore wise, Lissandra realizes that Sejuani could come out on top and wants to make sure the Frostguard will be connected to both sides so no matter who wins she is on top. Sejuani, doesn’t trust the troll, but won’t turn down some free help for the matches.

The rosters for both sides are pretty small, even with the Frostguard adding a champion to each side. Which is why I am bringing in the Avarson’s alliance with Demacia to increase their roster size. In response, Noxus wants to hinder Demacia in every way it can and will send some of its champions to aid the Winter’s Claw.


We managed to change some things around and now we have some actual stakes/rewards for the winning side of the Freljord featured matches.

As part of the end of arc resolutions, each faction will have some final decisions it will vote on. Part of the Freljord’s vote will be a decision about whom the Freljord should follow in the future. Ashe would remain “Queen of the Freljord”, but power might practically shift. Whichever subfaction wins gains an increase in that vote, while the losing side would have an equal percent taken away from the vote. A 2-1 victory would give the winning subfaction a +10% boost in the voting, while a 3-0 victory would create a +15% boost.

The Avarosan

Anivia|Ashe|Braum|Gragas|Nunu|Tryndamere|Lissandra|Gnar|Taric|Quinn|Galio|Jarvan IV|Garen|Kayle


Gnar is not actually affiliated with any of the Factions within the Freljord, but has relations to it as a whole. I decided to put him with the Avarosan as it was the best thematic fit.

Taric is technically not affiliated with any nation. However, he is listed with Demacia on the intermission rosters, thematically gems kinda fit in with ice, and could be interested in the Freljord’s Frostgem mines.

Kayle has a relationship with Demacia despite not being an official Demacian. She is also a rival to Morgana who is appearing on the Winter’s Claw roster.

The Winter’s Claw



January 4th, Ionia vs Bilgewater

Bilgewater dominated the majority of the Nyroth arc while Ionia hid in 3rd place to snatch victory at the last moment. It should be interesting to see Nyroth’s top two factions battle it out one last time. This time, they will be using their intermission rosters.


Sign Ups

January 3rd: Freljord Civil War

January 4th: Ionia vs Bilgewater


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12 comments on “January 3-4 Featured Matches Sign Up

    Just a heads up, Dominion games tend to run about 20 minutes or less. You may want to run more matches than just 3.

  2. StormRevolver says:

    Actualy freljord plumeted under the leadership of lissandra not ashe :)

    • 501stbigmike says:

      Yes, but Lissandra is a respected member of the Avarosan, which Ashe rules over, so Sejuani can still pin the failures on the Avarosan and, through it, Ashe.

      • Matsokune says:

        Besides, the Freljord won the final tournament under the leadership of Lissandra. Ashe was the leader for a majority of the arc and was the one who gave the final order of using the dangerous magic. The biggest event of the arc was in part Ashe’s fault and might I add that while under Ashe we came in dead last in the November tournament. This is all stuff Sejuani can point at and blame Ashe for, and winning this FM will give her further ground.

  3. Kuronan says:

    Hey CupcakeTrap, are we just kinda going to forget about the Zaunite Warpgate?

    • CupcakeTrap says:

      My apologies. We’ve sort of been leaving Mike hung out to dry while we work on other things and, to be honest, just relaxed. (I hadn’t actually seen this sign-up until today.) I’ll try to get him some more lore support so we can more properly integrate these events.

  4. Tolack says:

    As long as these fights are purely posturing rather than effective, I don’t care who wins the civil war.

  5. rahh231 says:

    So is intermission the same as it was with no real gain for any faction then?

  6. rahh231 says:

    Bilge is so screwed against Ionia’s ENTIRE roster :l

    • rahh231 says:

      The battle of Freljord should be determined by the Freljord not by Demacia and Noxus atleast cut down on the support from both factions, like say only the leadership showing support for their allies (and sej could get Draven).

      • 501stbigmike says:

        This isn’t a battle that will determine who rules the Freljord. It is Sejuani trying to humiliate Ashe by beating her in a League contest.

        I added in the Noxian and Demacian champions cause the rosters were incredibly tiny without them. If you look at the Winter’s Claw, they only have 4 playable champions, 5 if you include Trundle who isn’t actually part of Winter’s Claw, before you add in Noxus. It also major gaps in the roles that they can fill (ex: no adc, support, assasin, or mage).

        Intermission is meant to have large rosters, as a break from the more limiting rosters that you get during an arc.

    • Well Ionia has 18 champions to Bilgewater’s 9, (And somebody needs to explain to me why Jax is core on Ionia’s roster, because that is one of the most ludicrous things I’ve ever seen) and Ionia’s roster is perhaps the most broken thing we at factions have ever created (There should be plans to fix this…) so… yes. They probably are.

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