January 3-4 Featured Matches Schedule

Not much to say. Just a quick reminder that this week’s featured matches will be held on the Crystal Scar and that Saturday will be between the Winter’s Claw and the Avarosan, while Sunday will be between Bilgewater and Ionia. The matches between the Avarosan and Winter’s claw will give the winning subfaction of the Freljord a boost when the Freljord votes who it should follow in the future. A 2-1 victory would give the winning subfaction a +10% boost in the voting, while a 3-0 victory would create a +15% boost. Loosing faction would have an equal percent taken out of their vote. What ever the outcome, Ashe would remain “Queen of the Freljord”, but power might practically shift.

Champion Rosters

The Bilgewater vs Ionia matches will be using intermission rosters, while the Freljord matches will be using special rosters to make up for how small their rosters become when it gets split in half. I went more in depth on this in the sign up post, but I’ll give the short version on this post. The Avarosan has all the Avarosan champions, Lissandra, and backup from their Demacian allies. The Winter’s Claw has all the Winter’s Claw champions, Trundle, and Noxus has sent Champions in an effort to hinder Demacia and its allies.

The Avarosan

Anivia|Ashe|Braum|Gragas|Nunu|Tryndamere|Lissandra|Gnar|Taric|Quinn|Galio|Jarvan IV|Garen|Kayle


Gnar is not actually affiliated with any of the Factions within the Freljord, but has relations to it as a whole. I decided to put him with the Avarosan as it was the best thematic fit.

Taric is technically not affiliated with any nation. However, he is listed with Demacia on the intermission rosters, thematically gems kinda fit in with ice, and could be interested in the Freljord’s Frostgem mines.

Kayle has a relationship with Demacia despite not being an official Demacian. She is also a rival to Morgana who is appearing on the Winter’s Claw roster.

The Winter’s Claw



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