Tutorial: How to submit match results

Some people were confused about how to send in results for Intermission matches, so I recorded a short tutorial on how to do so. I’ve also added a link to the Winrate Calculator under “How to Play”, so you can balance-check matches before starting them.

There’s not really much to it. The main thing is getting a screenshot from a site like na.op.gg or LoLKing that shows the names and ranks of all Summoners in the match.

If you’re not sure how to get into a match, or how to start a match, try the How To Play page, or ask around in chat. (Experienced people: help people out if they ask!) You can also friend 501st Big Mike and Sgt Porkchop, our matchstaff leads, and ask them your questions.

I’m heading back to the lore mines for now, but I wanted to take a short* break to play some Factions and help people get matches going. Intermission is a great time to try out the various factions and get new people interested. I think we can also gather some valuable data from these matches, which is part of why I encourage everyone to remember to get those results sent in.


*: Possible short joke.

Caitlyn, you monster.

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  1. Rextreff says:

    puush imo

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