No Featured Matches This Week (January 31 – February 1)

There won’t be any Featured Matches this weekend, on account of the Superbowl. We always seem to need more sign ups and last minute fill from the community for the featured matches. With the Superbowl taking place, I am expecting there to be many less people available to play, thereby making the already rather chaotic task of organizing the Featured Matches all the more crazy.

With that in mind, Featured Matches will be taking a break this week, along with myself and Porkchop. Matches will resume as normal next week (February 7-8) and I hope to see everyone then ready to kick some butt in the name of (insert your favorite faction here).

I often like to use an image of Amumu when there is any disappointing news to announce (like back when we were forced to stop the EUW Featured Matches). It was rather convenient how Riot gave us some brand new Amumu pics with there Curse of the Sad Mummy video that came out just before I had to make this post. I am often surprised at how many coincidences occur between what happens in Factions and what Riot does. For example, right after Hextech Revolution ended, an arc that involved a lot of events in Shurima and Void powers, Riot has the Shurima events and releases Azir, ancient Shurima’s emperor, and Rek’Sai, a void monster that has been unleashed in Shurima’s desert (What did you do, Zaun?). It makes you wonder if Riot is basing its lore on what we do (then again the whole lore retcon where the League never existed proves contrary to this, oh well).

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2 comments on “No Featured Matches This Week (January 31 – February 1)
  1. Ask Konata (Kawaii Asuna/Twilight Shroud) says:

    Pats by 4.

  2. XalkXolc says:

    Paddo, Nurse Flan and the other Riot Factioners secretly been blackmailing Ryze and Tryndamere. Mystery solved.

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