February 7-8 Featured Matches Sign Ups

Saturday, February 7 – The Freljord vs The Shadow Isles

Having proven themselves cooler than Demacia’s Prince Jarvan IV, The Freljord stands proud. However, the Shadow Isles is upset that they were left out of the competition. The Shadow Isles claim that a person is never cooler than when they are dead. The Freljord will now have to defend its championship as the coolest faction.

Sunday, February 8 – Zaun vs Bandle City

Viktor had locked himself inside his laboratory for several days, focusing on research of some kind. No one knew what he was doing, but loud mechanical noises and explosions could be heard from the surrounding areas. On the 4th day of this isolation, an explosion significantly louder than the rest rang forth from Viktor’s lab. Smoke billowed out as part of the roof caught fire.

While Zaun’s fire department courageously fought to extinguish the flames, Viktor emerged at last. Ignoring concerned questions of what had caused the explosion, Viktor announced that he had found proof that Teemo was a being of pure and absolute evil. His evidence of this, however, had been destroyed in  the explosion. Even without this proof, Zaun backs him. Probably because they don’t like how the Yordles attacked them alongside Demacia after Zaun had protected them from Nefara.

Zaun now seeks to punish this Yordle of pure evil on the Fields of Justice. Bandle City’s champions have rallied around their Captain of the Scouts of the Mothership and will fight alongside him.


Sign Ups

Saturday, February 7 – The Freljord vs The Shadow Isles

Sunday, February 8 – Zaun vs Bandle City


All factions will be using their intermission rosters.

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2 comments on “February 7-8 Featured Matches Sign Ups
  1. foreastbtch says:

    i can play?

    • 501stbigmike says:

      Anyone is welcome to play. Just make sure you sign up and are online 10 minutes before the start time. Always helps when the players are in the factions chat.

      On a quick side note, Featured Matches are currently only on the NA server. We briefly had EUW featured matches running alongside the NA ones, but there wasn’t enough player activity in that region to keep them running. While we would very much like to run Featured Matches in the other regions, the community activity there is too low. I really hope that we can get Factions to grow in other regions enough to make it possible to run Featured Matches in them.

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