Top Match Scorers and Organizers from Nyroth


I recently posted seeking volunteers to help with scoring and organizing matches during the Intermission. This is a good time to also take a moment to thank those Summoners who distinguished themselves with their efforts in these areas during Nyroth.

We recorded 675 matches during Nyroth. Here are the stats.

Match Organizers

The following Summoners organized about 160 matches: about a quarter of all matches fought during the arc. The importance of this cannot be overstated: without people getting matches going, there would be no Factions, period. Of course, it’s also worth noting that about 75% of matches were started by individuals who maybe only ran one or two matches the entire arc: it’s a collaborative effort, and every bit helps. Still, I think these Summoners deserve special recognition for taking a lead role in getting matches going.

Summoner Matches Organized
Revoluxionist 19
XalkXolc 17
RustSka 12
WalkerNash 11
JDmage 9
DonnFirinne 6
Flaadym 6
FlashnFuse 6
Light Ethos 6
501st Big Mike 5
911im0lp 5
Baxter900 5
DeathVortexxx 5
deuxmachinax 5
Guster Posey 5
Lil Blue Spider 5
Maganar 5
Nèro 5
rahh231 5
soulruyu 5
Twilight Zone 5

Match Scoring

These Summoners helped score matches during Nyroth. Sometimes, that meant digging through page after page of match history records because the match submitter didn’t get a screenshot. Trust me—it’s not a ton of fun when that happens, which is why I keep pestering people to get screenshots. They worked hard, as well as smart; I’d often get messages from scorers who’d noticed errors that had completely escaped me, or alerting me to developing issues in the rules or scoring process. They really went out of their way to do a good job. 501st Big Mike and Sgt Porkchop deserve major props for running Featured Matches every weekend, but (though their roles were more behind the scenes) these Summoners also made an enormous contribution that ought not go unmentioned.

Summoner Matches Scored
Banane des bois 188
Flaadym 112
Shifco 100
Ubadisk 65
Hazelheart 48
Hallos 17
markBonJovi 12
theelkspeaks 7
501st Big Mike 4


If you see any of these people about, please thank them for their hard work. If I had a bajillion dollars, I would buy them all skins. Seeing as I do not have a bajillion dollars, I will instead do what I can to slip them into lore updates. (Flaadym already got one, after writing a really good Summoner bio that worked perfectly for The Harrowing.)


Caitlyn, you monster.

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4 comments on “Top Match Scorers and Organizers from Nyroth
  1. 501stbigmike says:

    I may be on the low end of the these but I’m the only one to make an appearance on both :)

    • CupcakeTrap says:

      You also were Matchstaff Lead and personally ran matches every weekend. It is beyond question that you contributed MASSIVELY to our success last arc.

  2. Ask Konata (Kawaii Asuna/Twilight Shroud) says:

    Woo Revo hype!

    On a side note, I probably should submit the matches I make :P Keep forgetting~

    • Ask Konata (Kawaii Asuna/Twilight Shroud) says:

      Oh nvm thought this referred to intermission matches.

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