Intermission Balance of Power Posted!

Talon Kat Noxus
“Noxus at 35 points, huh? That’s pretty impressive.”
“Talon. What have I told you about speaking before spoken to.”
“Not to do it, Lady DuCouteau.”
“No. I told you to get me some coffee.”
“But shouldn’t I—”
“Don’t worry. If anyone starts a Noxus match and wants to summon you, I’ll choke them to death with their own robes and bring in a Summoner who isn’t going to troll.

At long last, we have a Balance of Power for Nyroth. Major thanks to Hazelheart and Shifco, who spent who-knows-how-many hours scoring these matches. Go buy them some skins!

Obviously, more polishing and such is to come, but I thought people would want to see where the various factions stand.

How it works

For people who aren’t familiar with the Balance of Power, it’s basically a scoreboard that we use to measure the relative strength of the various factions. In an arc, the final victor is determined by the Balance of Power. Every pickup match, whether started by staff or by community members, contributes to the Balance of Power.

The base value of each match is set by the map and mode. A 5v5 Summoner’s Rift match has a base value of 10 points. (It used to be 5 points. I decided that we might as well make it an even number.) The value of the match is adjusted based on the relative skill-tier compositions of the two teams. We use data collected over thousands of prior Factions matches to estimate winrate based on the lineups, then apply an adjust such that, if the only difference between the two factions were the skill differences, they could play a thousand matches and not really gain or lose any points on net. (The lower the odds of winning, the more a faction gets if it wins, and the less it loses if it’s defeated.) We also apply a “rubberbanding” adjustment: for every point of point gap between the two factions, the match value is increased or decreased by 1%. (This is meant to encourage weak factions to brawl with stronger factions and get back in the game.)

Anyway, this Intermission BoP is mostly meant to provide some balancing data, but it’s also a way for us to test out some new scoring procedures before we hit the next arc.

Also, uh. Bandle City. You guys. :|


Caitlyn, you monster.

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2 comments on “Intermission Balance of Power Posted!
  1. 501stbigmike says:


    For all my fellow spooky scary skeletons from Nyroth, we officially need to be holding a dance party to celebrate.

  2. Wizard996 says:

    LOL, we should get the Isles and BC in an arc and see the results of that.

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