Factions Party Rewards: Your Faction Against Valoran

Team Builder Splash
Riot has announced a two-week trial run of the Party Rewards system. Basically, if you queue up as a premade, you get a chance at bonus IP. (Summoner Lyte does have a certain empirically grounded fondness for intermittent reinforcement schedules, doesn’t he?) I think it would be fun to make this into a Factions event, as well; I’ve always been curious about how factions might fare against unrestricted teams, and this is a good chance to have fun together and maybe recruit some new community members.

Because I love statistics and Google Docs as much as Lyte loves behavioral reinforcement techniques, I’ve created a simple reporting form so that you can send in results. There’s no need to include a screenshot; these matches are obviously useless for balance-testing purposes, because they’re matchmade. But, if you’re so inclined, please do send which faction you played as and whether or not you won, so that we can compare.

You can find other Factions Summoners to play with in the Factions Chat:

I also encourage the use of the Factions Party chat, specifically for people who want to queue up together for Party Rewards matches.

Have fun!


Caitlyn, you monster.

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One comment on “Factions Party Rewards: Your Faction Against Valoran
  1. Sounds fun think I’ll try and set some of these up when I get back from vacation.

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