Sign Up Here: April 4–5 Ironspike Tournament

Ironspike Mountains

The aftershocks from Nyroth’s restoration have sent energy surges through Valoran’s nexuses. Summoners have managed to diffuse most of the excess energy without serious damage. However, two energy bursts from the event collided in the Ironspike Mountains, triggering the formation of a new nexus. When the League’s Summoners arrived, they found representatives from the Freljord, Zaun, Noxus, and Icathia arguing with each other as they struggled to contain the nascent nexus. Together, they were able to temporarily lock it down. The seal is only expected to hold for another lunar cycle or two, providing a short span of time within which to come to a decision.

While a fuller writeup is pending, I wanted to post the signup link right away.

This will be a test-run of a new two-round tournament system. There will be three matches per day on each of the next two weekends. The first round will be held from April 4–5, and will be focused on lower-tier Summoners (no higher than Gold, with an emphasis on Silvers and Bronzes). In the first round, each faction will battle each other faction. The winner will be given a “bye” into the finals. The other three factions will face off in the semifinals on Saturday, April 11, using pre-made high-tier teams. The final round will be a best-of-three on Sunday, April 12.

Timing Change: First matches starting at 1 Pacific

We’re going to move the start time for the first match to 1:00 Pacific (2 Mountain, 3 Central, 4 Eastern) on each day.

Signup Format Change: No more match-by-match signups

Creating schedules has been a huge hassle, largely because we’ve been doing it on a “match by match” basis. For this tournament, we’ll instead just create randomly sorted priority lists for each faction for each tier, and assemble the teams using those. This offers much more flexibility, and doesn’t require people to commit to any particular time. It’s also much easier to handle administratively.


I’ve used random selection to create the following schedule of matches for the weekend.

Match Start Time Date Matchup
Match I 1 PDT (2 MDT, 3 CDT, 4 EDT) Saturday, 4 April, 25 CLE Noxus v. Zaun
Match II 2 PDT (3 MDT, 4 CDT, 5 EDT) Saturday, 4 April, 25 CLE the Freljord v. Zaun
Match III 3 PDT (4 MDT, 5 CDT, 6 EDT) Saturday, 4 April, 25 CLE the Freljord v. Icathia
Match IV 1 PDT (2 MDT, 3 CDT, 4 EDT) Sunday, 5 April, 25 CLE Icathia v. Zaun
Match V 2 PDT (3 MDT, 4 CDT, 5 EDT) Sunday, 5 April, 25 CLE the Freljord v. Noxus
Match VI 3 PDT (4 MDT, 5 CDT, 6 EDT) Sunday, 5 April, 25 CLE Icathia v. Noxus

Signup Link

Click here to sign up. The preliminary rounds will emphasize Silver and Bronze Summoners, with few or no Golds and no Plats/Diamonds.

Casting and Streaming

501st Big Mike is looking for people who would be interested in casting or streaming these matches.

If so, please sign up here.

Semifinals and Finals: Premade teams

We’ll be using premade teams for the semi-finals, with an “HHHGG” (three Diamond/Plat, two Gold) tier composition. Anyone can put a team together. Once your team is ready, you can register it. If we get more than one complete team per faction, we’ll alternate matches among them. The registration link will be posted later; for now, feel free to start organizing.


Caitlyn, you monster.

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4 comments on “Sign Up Here: April 4–5 Ironspike Tournament
  1. Kawaii Asuna says:

    Will be interesting to watch, but I hope there are enough signups.

    • CupcakeTrap says:

      It might be preeeeetty tight. Good time to test the forfeit rules, I suppose! Besides, this first weekend is just to decide who gets a bye into the finals, so it’s not the worst thing if there are some forfeits.

  2. Korlf says:

    I would love to, but Easter weekend

  3. Epicz753 says:

    Looking forward to this

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