Planning for Next Arc: Community Discussion

Map of Runeterra 25 CLE

It’s time to get moving on next arc. Before we post up the polls that will determine which factions appear next, I’d like to encourage some community discussion on a few issues.

You’re strongly encouraged to speak up on these issues. This isn’t the last time we’ll talk about them, but this is a critical moment.


Caitlyn, you monster.

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5 comments on “Planning for Next Arc: Community Discussion
  1. Matsokune says:

    Can someone with my email send me a reminder at about 4PM EDT (1PM for you silly west coasters) to check over this stuff? I only had a chance to look at the roster changes before leaving for school.

  2. Revoluxionist says:

    I’m getting a broken error everytime I click any of the links. Does a new thread have to be made?

    • Kawaii Asuna (Ask Konata) says:

      Must be fixed, its working fine for me.

      • Shiisaa says:

        Maybe I’m not allowed to ever view these threads. Evur.

      • CrazyMLC says:

        Nope, it’s just an error only certain people seem to have trouble with. I had it too.

        I could explain how to fix it or what I think is causing it, but it’s a bunch of admin warble garble. It’s just the forum system being weird. Fortunately I fixed it for Rev and I.

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