Arc VII Factions Announced!

Map of Runeterra 25 CLE
The voting is complete. The next Factions arc will feature as playable factions Shurima, Noxus, and Piltover.  We’re still discussing the story specifics, but as I see it, the obvious solution would be to have Shurima demand entrance into the League and promptly challenge all the carving-up of Shuriman territory that the League has done over the years.


Shurima and Noxus were selected by general vote. Piltover was selected through the Ionian “victory vote”, their prize for winning Nyroth. The Ionian vote actually came down to a tie between Piltover and Ionia itself. After some discussion, I decided to break the tie in favor of Piltover, for a few different reasons: to avoid having Ionia in for two arcs in a row, to avoid another Noxus versus Ionia arc, because Piltover performed significantly better than Ionia in the general voting, because Piltover has an obvious story hook through its pyrikhos fields, and because strategically the Piltover versus Noxus matchup (poke versus hard-engage/assassination) is very interesting. (I won’t lie: I also was not looking forward to figuring out Ionian politics or enduring further debates about Zed and Syndra.)

Stay tuned for more! I’d like to get the arc started before the end of April.

Caitlyn, you monster.

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8 comments on “Arc VII Factions Announced!
  1. StormRevolver says:


  2. samthehamm says:

    Noxus FTW

  3. C Drive says:

    Beep. Boop. Are you all ready to taste the godhand?

  4. endervictorious says:

    torn but probs going noxus

  5. Whitakker says:

    Time to brush up on my Sivir and Rammus…

  6. mixizm says:

    I think it’s finally time for that great Noxian revolution…

  7. Crazymasterbookworm876 says:

    Thank you for not bringing Ionia back again… >.>

  8. Kawaii Asuna (Ask Konata) says:

    Piltover is back!

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